Teskilat Episode 4 Urdu Subtitles

Teskilat-Review(Epsiode 3)
So you watched the last episode and came to know that after that accident, Jeren was alive. She was transferred to the hospital immediately. She was constantly worried about the hard drive.
Pascal thought that he escaped from the jail of Turk intelligence, but he did not know it was a trap. Murad was kidnapped again. Son of Mr Mete, named Gyurjan, also joined the secret team. At that time, they were dealing with two operations.
Jeren called Serdar and informed him about the accident. Serdar reached the hospital and looked after her. She was to be examined for her shoulder, so she has to stay there for the night. Uzay asked Gyurjan to get prepared as they had to prepare files to change the dozier of the hard drive in the morning. The next day, Serdar took Jeren to the MRI room, and Zehra entered Jeren’s room. She found the hard drive, and Gyurjan changed the dozier. Mr Mete handed over little things to his secret team as memories of the martyrs of the SIHA project. He motivated them with his powerful words. Their next plan was to follow Pascal, a gateway to the mastermind of all this problem. His team flew to Berlin and booked the apartment opposite Pascal’s room. They set cameras to keep an eye on Pascal. They found out that Pascal called Fadi and he was invited to the exhibition. In that exhibition, Fadi called all his allies and wanted to celebrate his achievements so far.
On the other hand, Uzay’s wife Ebru didn’t rely on the Chairman’s explanation. She met all the families and asked about their beloved one’s behaviours the night before departure. She found out that somehow they all knew that they would never come back. Moreover, Zehra told her daughter not to believe the rumours of her death. However, it was meant to be a secret between Zehra and her daughter. But, her daughter revealed this secret to Ebru, which raised suspicions in Ebru’s mind.
In Berlin, everything was set, and Serdar and Zehra went shopping for some grocery. There, she fought with a few rascals who harassed a hijabi. At the request of Khulki, Pynar called Khulki’s mother to know about Khulki’s father.
The next day, Serdar and Zehra entered the exhibition while Pynar went there as a waitress. Uncle Hukky wandered around the building to check whether Pascal entered there or not. Khulki waited on the roof of the next building in case of emergency. Serdar managed to enter the room where Fadi was sharing his plans with his mates. Later, Jeren received a voice note from Serdar where she guessed that Serdar was also in the exhibition. She alarmed Leyal, and Serdar was exposed. After a heavy fight sequel, they all managed to escape the building and threatened Fadi by killing Pascal. Fadi orders his man to find Serdar at any cost.
What will happen next? How will they deal with Fadi now? Let’s wait for the next episode until then, bye.

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