Teshkilat Episode 52 Urdu and English Subtitle

The new episode comprises of thrilling and adventurous scenes. They will save their people land and protect them from the enemy’s attack. The scenes were charming as the new characters added same as he plays the role like Sardar. The new scenes will be attractive and interesting.
After the explosion in Istanbul, our team is in the middle of a dangerous operation and launches a docking operation involving Omar to contact David Hartley through Celine while tracking down the perpetrators. Furthermore, Zera, who has decided to return to the organization, cannot easily return to the team. A difficult challenge awaits Zehra. A dead end occurs in the process of discovering bodies in the neighborhood. Efkar and Korkut plan to get closer to their goal, but little do they know that a threat is approaching to turn things around.
The team begins work to save these actions, but a surprise comes for them. Ekhkar and Korkut, mourning Halim’s martyrdom, begin a new path in the neighborhood. A team ready to fight wholeheartedly for a nation built on the blood of countless martyrs, determined to uncover the dark structures that carry out acts of terrorism.
What would be the steps to protectthe land from the enemies? How they will do the planning to fight with the enemies? What will be their new strategies to work efficiently?

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