Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu

Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 31 Urdu and English

In Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 30, Zobeyde says that after the discussions on the plain, everybody ought to come to the palace. When Melik Shah saw the dead Batinis within the town, he says that Tekish can rule town from currently on. Tapar objects to the present state of affairs, however the Sultan says that everybody can will obey their orders. Zobeyde forbids Terken from getting into the Sultan’s space thanks to their disrespect on the plain and doesn’t enable Gevhar’s family into the palace. The Sultan sends back his troopers who came for war, however Tapar continues to cause issues with Silimzar. The Sultan says that he can take town back when the time comes, however Tapar doesn’t perceive what his father said.

According to the dician made by Sultan, Sanjar says that Toran will do one thing. Sanjar then goes to the palace together with his mother and Nizam ul Malik. Gevhar talks regarding the selections made by the Sultan and provokes Tapar. Sultan goes to go to Nessac and begins to inform him regarding his issues. Nessac says that the answers Sultan is searching for square measure hidden inside him. whereas doing arrow coaching with troopers, Toran learns that the Sultan has summoned him to the palace.

Sultan says that Sanjar is declared Melik as a result of he’s his own son. Sultan says that Basolu can receive the respect she deserves because the mother of Meliks. Sanjar says that Toran is angry with dicisian, however Melik Shah says that he can use his anger to destroy him. The Sultan then takes everybody out of his space and starts talking to Basulu alone. Melik Shah tells however he has been feeling for years and tells Basolu that she will return to the palace whenever she desires. Sanjar first prays to Allah and so begins to organize for the ceremony within the palace.

After the ceremony, Toran goes to the Sultan’s room and asks him why he made such a decision. Sultan says that he made appropriate decision in step with custom and asks them to obey his orders. Melik Shah provides. Melik Shah gives Tekish a paper saying that he is Shalamzar’s official and asks him to bring the Greek fire supplies.. Melik Shah says that he’s considering giving a number of Kerman lands to Sanjar, and this case disturbs Toran. when Toran leaves the palace, he tells that he can attack the palace and take the throne.

Tekish meets Hassan and tells him that he had to give the Greek fire supplies. Hassan tells him to stay calm as a result of Sanjar will die before reaching the palace. Hassan’s followers attack as Sanjar and the troopers carrying the Greek fire. Sanjar defeats the attackers and tells what happened to the Sultan. Melik Shah applies ointment to the wound on Sanjar’s arm. The Sultan then calls Sanjar his son and hugs him. Gevhar tries to provoke Tapar again that night. Tapar can’t stand it any further and goes to the garden of the palace.

Tapar sees Sanjar there and thanks him. Sanjar invites both Tapar and Ali to the plain. Tekish meets with Hassan again and tells that he persuaded Mitras to attack the Sultan. Faysal thinks that the Sultan will neither attend Kuvel nor return to the palace. Toran comes when Hassan says that they’re going to do everything necessary to support Toran. Toran gets angry at Tekish for collaborating with Hassan, however when paying attention to Hassan’s words, he starts working with them. The next day, some attackers attack Silimzar and capture Tekish. Toran goes to the palace with some of his army, but he cannot see anyone there.

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