Teskilat Episode 3 Urdu Subtitles

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The first episode ended at a suspense moment when Serdar realized that the girl who received the parcel was Jeren. The second episode starts with the interrogation scene when Serdar is being questioned about his relationship with Jeren. But it comes out that he is smart enough to deceive the lie detector. Mr. Mete taught him so. On the other side, the plane crash news spread like fire, and intelligence officers’ families were called into the office. Mr. Mete broke the news of the death of their beloved ones in the crash. Uzay’s wife asked a lot of questions about the incident, but she was forcefully quietened. The team also shared their views on their family’s reaction to hearing news of their deaths.
Fadi and Leyal reached Berlin, where they’ll meet the Turk governor.
Mr. Mete takes responsibility for Serdar and sets him free. Serdar manages to go to Jeren’s apartment. Jeren leaves by saying that she has to donate blood somewhere. He follows Jeren and finds out that she met a person in a jewelry shop and gives her money.
Chairman meets his secret team and gets updates about proceedings. The team goes to Jeren’s house and fixes cameras to keep an eye on her.
Mr.Mete introduces Serdar to the secret team, but he was not welcomed.warmly.because of the suspicions raised by Zehra. She saw pictures of Serdar and Jeren and threatened the chairman that Serdar could prove risky for the mission. Mete defends Serdar by saying that he has known Serdar since he was 10. Everyone agrees to work with Serdar on the chairman’s order.
Uzay was repeatedly complaining that he was an analyst, not a cybersecurity master. He needed someone specialist for assistance. Zehra released a hacker from prison and took him to their secret place.
Fadi meets the editor of an international magazine. He pays her to gather information and publish material that promotes racism in Germany against the Turks to infuriate the masses.
The secret team finds out that the man whom Jeren met was responsible for taking Pascal safely to Berlin. Now, they follow him and set a trap. Everything was going according to plan, but a girl started weeping that she was having difficulty breathing. Pinar shouts to stop the vehicle. At the exact moment, Pascal noticed his earphone and started shooting. After a successful chase, Serdar and Khulki stopped the truck land arrested Pascal.
Serdar observed Jeren through the camera when he noticed that Jeren has taken a hard drive and is about to leave home. He alarms the men who were following Jeren. But they didn’t see Jeren coming out of her home. In the end, Serdar and Zehra decide to follow Jeren to take the hard disk from her. Serdar hits the car deliberately into Jeren’s car, and the episode ends!
Find out in the following episode what happens to Serdar. Will Zehra be caught on the camera? Will their secret mission continue or not?

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