Kurulus Osman Episode 40 with Urdu and English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Episode 40 the most heartbreaking episode of Krulus Osman begins when Ertugrul asks everyone to come in and asks everyone’s consent about his leadership. He asked them whether they would obey the next head of IYI or not.
Then, Kurulus Osman Episode 40 there is a preview of the happening of the last four days. This flashback starts from the time when Ertugrul wakes up.
Nikola beams with joy because he thinks his letter to IYI will produce anarchy among them. Furthermore, he is sure that Yavlak and Osman will attack Gehatu, and as a result, Osman and Yavlak will be killed. At last, they will rule on Kuloichasar once again. He and Falyatus share a good time when their soldier says that Osman and Yavlak have killed Gehatu’s soldiers, and both live.


Kurulus Osman Episode 40

Ertugrul was very angry at his sons. He has a rational conversation with his sons in the presence of Bamsi and Abdul Rehman. He asks them questions about the responsibilities of a leader and head of the tribe. Then, he asks his sons to leave and reflects on who should be the next head of the tribe.
Gonduz, Savchi, and Dundar ask Osman about the attack on Gehatu’s camp. They question him that he was the one saying Yavluk was not trustworthy, and then he took a risk by trusting him. They all are called again by Ertugrul. He asks about Osman’s activities and settles the matter between Osman and Savchi.

Attack Anagol

Dundar suggests that they should attack Anagol and take Gehatu. Everyone except Osman agrees with this plan. Osman says that they must first kill Nikola’s soldiers to weaken him and then slam on his castle. He extends his explanation by saying that Turgan Khatoon will help them in this. She will tell Nikola that Osman won’t marry him unless he takes his father back. And she will bring Nikola to Kortuboz. Osman, with the help of his alps, will attack them and prison Nikola and Falyatus.

Nikola and Falyatus

The same happens; Nikola agrees to bring Inal to Kortuboz. Nikola and Falyatus set a plan because they suspect Turgan Khatoon. Turgan has a flashback to when she met Osman first time and admitted that she loves Osman. She breaks Osman and Bala’s privacy to thank Osman, and he promises to bring his father back. She vows to herself that she will marry Osman in any way

Abdul Rehman

The next day, when Osman was about to leave, Abdul Rehman delivered his father’s message. He goes to his mother’s grave to meet Ertugrul, who advises him to look after the tribe like a kind leader.
In Kurtuboz, Savchi and his alps attack Nikola’s soldiers. They take turgan’s father and Falyatus with them. While Nikola manages to escape, Helena helps him in a cave.

Osman talks to his horse

Osman talks to his horse and aims to fulfill his father’s words and advice necessarily because he has promised on an IYI woman’s grave. Next, he has a little chat with Qamar Alabdal.
They all get back to their tribe. Savchi, Gonduz, Dundar, Bamsi, and Osman were discussing their win. Osman regrets that he could not join them in Jihaad. But Savchi says that having a word with father was worth it. Ertugrul calls jirga. Gonduz and others are sad because this might be Ertugrul’s last jirga.

IYI Tribe

Ertugrul asks everyone whether they were satisfied with his leadership or not. He shares valuable pieces of advice for the better and bright future of the IYI tribe. He was about to announce the next head of IYI when his condition gets worse, and he reads Kalam e shahadat and departs to his final journey leaving everyone crying in deep sorrow.
Whom do you think will be the next head of IYI? To know the answer, wait for the next episode and keep supporting Historic Series HS.

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 40 with URDU / English Subtitles

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Kurulus Osman with English Subtitles , Kurulus Osman with URDU Subtitles

Kurulus Osmancik

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