Teshkilat Episode 54 Urdu and English Subs

The exciting scenes always remains brilliant in the whole series. It warms the souls and arises the aspirations to show better performance for the one’s country. It becomes completely possible to do anything if someone has firm determination and courage. Have miracles that would happen if the interests become true.
The organizing series Teskilat features the story of seven patriots who gave up their lives and went “underground”, accepting their duty to remain invisible to the crowd for their country. Ankara. A covert team was then formed within the National Intelligence Agency with the goal of identifying and eliminating the forces behind the attack.
Teşkilat will be the quintessential Turkish show ever, providing snippets of data to the internal components of Turkey’s National Intelligence Service complex, which is kept secret and called ‘The Castle’. The series explores the struggles, rewards, and commitments of seven allies who have become intangible by sacrificing their lives to get their land and doing what they need to do. I will examine it from the real point of view that I am.
Filmed in Ankara, his Teşkilat is also the first series that has been consistently passed on at that level since then, detailing amazing encounters witnessed by true legends across Turkey. The program is a reliable battle where life and death are fought to determine which is “respectable” and which is “criminal”.
What is the new work for the team? What would be new exciting scenes that could happen? How they make it possible to save their beloved country? What would be the nature of new work? Are that become easy to manage all the team members and the resources in the limited time?

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