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Great Seljuk Episode 21 Urdu and English

Great Seljuk Episode 20 Review
The previous episode left us all with the peak of interest and curiosity to know what happens when Basulu and Tarkan Hatun were in the same tent. Tarkan ordered Basulu Hatun to turn around as she wanted to see her. At the very moment when she was about to show her face, Zubaida Hatun entered and asked tarkan to leave the tent. Sultan Malik Shah seemed to say something, and their attention was diverted. Meanwhile, Zubaida Hatun ordered Basulu Hatun to leave.
Then, there s a fight sequel between the Seljuks and the Fidais and Crusaders. The Seljuks fight valiantly under the supervision of Sanjar.
Zubaida Hatun and Tarkan Hatun have a ride conversation, and Tarkan Hatun leaves the Kinik Tribe. Zubaida Hatun meets Basulu Hatun, and the Sultan wakes up. He tells Zubaida about the dream he saw related to his father and Sanjar. She advises him to rest, but Sultan disagrees.
On the other hand, Markos and Hassan Sabbah ran away from the fight. The Christian leader saves them and gets angry when he realizes that the necessary papers have been lost and Sultan was still alive.
Sultan goes back on his mission to find Markos and Hassan Sabbah.
Tarkan Hatun advises Taj ul Mulk to act upon the plan which they made against Zubaida Hatun. Sultan arrives at the castle and orders everyone to report about what they are doing.
Basulu Hatun shows her affection for Turna Hatun.
Taj ul Mulk told Khwaja about Sultan’s order. Khwaja mocked that Sultan must know that he was the one behind the ambush on Sanjar. Khwaja, Tapar, and Sanjar presented the prison ( commander Albert) before Sultan. Sultan shared his new plan to find Sabbah and Markos. He was happy to see the papers back. Isakios, Sabbah, Markos, and Livia were worried about the commander prisoned by Sanjar. Sultan was very angry at Taj ul Mulk. Moreover, Malik Shah also returned the sword to Arslantis.
Khwaja Nizam told Sanjar that their secret was known to Zubaida as well. He also says that he had decided to unveil this secret on the order of Zubaida Hatun. Plus, she also said that she wanted Malik Berkyaruk to become the eldest son of the Sultan and take control of the castle. She wanted to unite the sons of Sultan Malik Shah.
Sultan shared his dream with a scholar that he saw Basulu in his dream. Sanjar talked to Albert in the dungeon. Isakios planned with the head commander about their future attacks against Malik Shah. Crusaders attacked Malik Shah to save Albert. But Sultan managed to know the place of Markos and Sabbah through their plan. Sanjar excused that he had to go to the tribe because the new head of Kinik Tribe was to be chosen after Korkut Sardar’s demise. Sultan asked him to become the Sardar of his tribe.
Sabbah asked Faisal and Livia to plan something because the marriage of Sanjar and Turna wasn’t a good symbol for them. Khwaja told the cruelty on the people of Anatolia. Sultan appointed Malik Tapar to work on the Steel problem.
Zubaida Hatun and Asifzari met Sultan. She shared her opinion, Sultan that they should order steel from Berkyaruk. Sultan agrees and asks for preparations accordingly. Zubaida Hatun requests to take responsibility for this matter.
Taj ul Mulk and Hassan Sabbah had allied. Tarkan Hatun wanted to punish Zubaida Hatun. Hence, she asked Taj ul Mulk to attack the steel caravan.
Another character is also introduced in this episode. It turns out that Sultan Malik Shah had not good relations with his brother. Sultan sent a message that his brother should remain within his limits.
Hassan Sabbah and Markos plan to take the steel and to damage it. Mahmalik was a bit angry as Sultan could not give her mother proper time and thought that Tarkan Hatun was being ignored. But Sultan asked her to stay kind as he is already dealing with a lot of stuff.
Livia is seen struggling to make Turna Hatun hate Sanjar. Sanjar also joins the lunch arranged for the appointment of the new head of the Kinik Tribe. A senior member makes all the participants remember the rules and duties head. Commanders update Sultan Malik Shah about their activities. He addresses them and asks them to stay healthy, and they will step up discipline and rule the state.
After the fight and discussion, all the members and participants agreed that Sanjar would be the new head of the Kinik Tribe. He takes the oath and is presented with their inherited sword of Beylic. Then, the news of Sanjar’s appointment as the new Sardar of Kinik Tribe is announced, and he addresses all the people about his aims and lifts them with his strong voice and speech. Sanjar and Turna understand that it is Livia who is planning to separate them. Therefore, Sanjar says that he will talk to Turna’s father and marry as soon. as possible.
Markos and Sabbah’s alps attacked the caravan that was taking steel from Berkyaruk to the castle. They got all the steel and were over the moon. Zubaida Hatun turns red when she hears that the steel was stolen. Sultan’s brother also entered the castle with his son, Ahmad.
Ameer ul tibr was poisoned the day when he was to fix the date of Turna’s marriage. Sultan was enraged when his brother talked to him and mentioned their loopholes. He questioned his progress as a Sultan.
Let’s see what happens with the marriage of Turna and Sanjar. Will Sabbah and Markos succeed in delaying this marriage? And if you want to know how Sultan deals with his brother, wait for the next episode. We are also curious to see Sultan’s reaction when he’ll learn about the attack on the steal.

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