Teshkilat Episode 53 Urdu and English Subs

Review of Episode 52
The scene starts with the amazing conceptual thought of the agency. Robbery My ring and I have been stolen. Please help the thief. Tonight, you are invited to Boris Zarias’ mansion. You must accept the invitation. what to do there Mustafa, you know these concerns. Despite the fact that the sanctuary harbor is full of bore ships, you are called to the mud and I am the source of the mud. People like intimacy, so let’s go. Just look at the connections Boris has. Who are their allies and enemies? Bella Give me cake money instead of running. Come in. wait, wait quietly Why are you standing behind your child? he stole the cake why did you steal.
Come on, let’s go, I cried. continue Why do you hurt animals? Believe it or not, it doesn’t work. For some reason, due to his old age, he cannot walk or walk. It will pass soon. Pick up debris. are you an animal But Mager has two words to say to a donkey like you. Your efforts have hurt this animal for years. You should take care of her comfort now. What do you think of yourself? They have the name Judge Gatudin. Do you know? If you find out that you have also harmed an animal. The world will make fun of you if you listen. in what order. Go to work at once. other? another obstacle. Mashara watches over children You can sell all these baked goods and make money. Then go to the bakery to buy more cakes for sale. Then keep the money you earn to yourself. Be productive, okay.
Brother Why did he do so well because no one did it with me, cake. Can you speak; the ability to work is not a defect. cake. cake. Mustafa, the key to the strategy being deployed against you is your consent. Also, when discovered, it will reach the root.
Agency cover the generic attitude of the past scenes and is willing to improve the quality by hard work and determination. Zahra is willing to sacrifice her all efforts for the country by performing the duties attentively. All the team members are fully motivated. They will beat the enemies with their courage and observation.

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