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Episode 45 Review
Are you enjoying watching Kurulus Osman on Historic Series?
Well, the last episode started with what an engaging scene. Osman tested Bala’s attack and defense strategies with the sword. Bala praised Aqsa in front of Osman, but he called her sister. Turgan Hatun is still burning in love for Osman Bey. She aims to help Osman. Goktug and Turgan met Falyatus to make a plan. Osman shared his future dream with Bamsi, Savçi, and gunduz.
On the other hand, Osman’s Uncle is still thirsty to take his revenge. He also made a plan with Nikola. I like how everyone is setting up their nets.
Savçi asked Aleena about the happenings. He was suspecting Aleena and Falyatus.To your wonder, he was right as well. Savçi was angry that Aleena begged Falyatus to give their son back. Nikola asked Targun to kill Bala to prove her alliance. Bala seemed worried because she was continually trying to convince Osman to marry Aksa indirectly. The Alps were worried because Goktug was sent out of the tribe for no reason. At least they did not know the. Main reason. Daood Ustad settled their queries.
There is a beautiful scene of Jarkotoy playing with Ahmad and other alps to add laughter to viewers’ faces. Idrees healed Bamsi’s hand to win his heart. Osman had a deal for land. Bala was coming with her helpers. Targun Hatun attacked their caravan. Bala saved Goncha Hatun in that fight. Bamsi went to meet Nikola with Idrees. He did not know that Idrees was an imposter. Idrees attacked Bamsi. Nikola attacked David. Don’t worry, Bamsi was fine. Osman became red when Aqsa told him that Targun Hatun attacked them. Guncha was severely injured. But they both again encountered Targun. Osman and his Alps reached there in time. Targun managed to run away. Hazal tried to ask Aleena to help them, but Aleena said that she considers Osman as her brother. Idrees told Osman that Nikola attacked Bamsi. Targun talked to Goktug about Nikola’s plan to attack Bamsi. Nikola again found Bamsi, but he fought bravely. Idrees and Dundar were also setting an agenda. Osman and his Alps fought against Nikola’s soldiers. Nikola killed Dumrul. Targun and Goktug entered the tribe with the caravan. They had an intention to attack the tribe because Osman wasn’t there. They had to kill Bala to prove their loyalty to Nikola. Aleena has suspected that Hazel has some matter with Aqsa. Targun and her people entered Osman’s main tent and held swords on the necks of everyone there. Targun entered Osman’s room and checked the boxes. They found the required documents where their plan was written. Qamar Abdal told alps that Osman’s tent had been attacked. They ran back to the tribe.
This episode ended when Nikola and Osman were in front of each other and Nikola had Bamsi!

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