KO 45 the series will focus on the life of Osman Bey, the Son of Ertugrul Ghazi and the founder of the Ottoman Empire. The character of Osman faces numerous adversaries and swindlers in his journey and the show represents how he had the option to beat these impediments and satisfy his main goal with the assistance of his loyal friends, family, and companions.

Review Episode 44:

In KO 44, one of the traders says that Bamsi saved his father with Ertugrul quite a while past. Bamsi recalls what the shipper said from the injury on his neck. Afterward, Bamsi Bey needs to offer sherbet to the dealers, yet Cerkutay has just completed the sherbet. While Boran contemplates Goktug’s whereabouts, Bayhoca comes and says he needs to partake in each battle after that. The following morning Bala Hatun carries breakfast to Osman Bey and sees that he is still working. Osman eats with Bala Hatun.

Bala Hatun says that she needs to accomplish

KO 45 Bala Hatun says that she needs to accomplish some cause work and gets authorization from Osman Bey for these works. Bala at that point reveals to Osman that she needs to locate another spouse. Osman Bey permits Bala Hatun to do this work. Rulers start to come to Inegol at Nikola’s solicitation. Yavlak Arsalan visits Osman Bey and salutes him for what he has done.

Osman gets some information

KO 45 Osman gets some information about the status of the war arrangements. Yavlak Arsalan says that the youthful warriors are preparing, yet they need more strength yet. Osman plans to assault the best troopers of the Mongols by framing a unit of tip-top fighters. Saltuk shows up and advises that Nikola is attempting to unite the masters and structure another crusader armed force.

Bayhoca sees Boran Alp

Savci tells his son that he now needs researchers, not champions. Bayhoca sees Boran Alp and the different Alps preparing to set out and asks them where they are going. Boran Alp says they are going chasing, yet Bayhoca thinks Osman has given them another task. After the Alps emerge from the plain, Bayhoca takes his pony and starts to follow them. Nikola requests that the rulers execute the Turks who are exchanging and educates them concerning the plunder they will catch. Nikola says that he will before long frame an enormous armed force with the help of the Mongols.

Bayhoca comprehends Boran’s arrangement

Therefore the Alps prevent the artists from going to Inegol and get into their garments. Bayhoca comprehends Boran’s arrangement. While Bala Hatun is dispersing food, Aksu requests her consent to disseminate what she brought from home. Bala Hatun begins conversing with Aksu and gets some information about her family. Hazal Hatun at that point subtly meets with Aksu and gives her gold to utilize her. Hazal Hatun says that she will make Aksu Osman’s new spouse. Cerkutay discloses to Bamsi Bey that he needs to do battle. Then, Bamsi sees the banners on the plane changing and quickly asks what’s happening. Afterward, Gundoz, Savci, and Dundar see the new banner.

In KO 44

Further in KO 44, The Alps are injured with toxic blades and dropped. Afterward, Nikola shows up and orders the Alps to be taken to the prison. Simultaneously, Osman Bey and a few Alps get ready to execute Nikola. The covert operative lady uncovers that the Alps are caught, and Osman changes his arrangement to save the Alps. The government operative man in the chateau shows Osman Bey a mystery entry.

Osman arrives at the prison

Moreover Osman arrives at the prison through this mystery section and assaults the Byzantine fighters who tormented the Turks. Osman Bey saves the Alps and asks them how they got captured. Boran Alp says he doesn’t have the foggiest idea how they were gotten and that Bayhoca is additionally in the mansion. Flatyos catches Bayhoca and carries him to Nikola’s room. Nikola doesn’t have the foggiest idea of who Bayhoca is, however, he understands that he is somebody near Osman.

Osman Bey got the Alps out of the prison

Helen comes and says they got the Alps as a result of Bayhoca’s lack of regard. Bayhoca can’t bear it anymore and says his uncle Osman will vindicate. Nikola and Flatyos understand that Bayhoca is the child of Savci. Osman understands that Bayhoca has been caught and escapes the palace with the Alps. A fighter tells that Osman Bey got the Alps out of the prison. Flatyos makes a quick move to get Osman. Osman Bey gets back to the plane and calls Savci.


Will Osman Bey give up Kulucahisar Castle as a trade-off for Bayhoca? What sort of plan will the Prosecutor make to save his child? Which sort of guarantee will Nikola make to Dundar Bey? What is Goktug and Targun’s objective? They will be the outcomes of Lena Hatun’s solicitation for help from Flatyos? What sort of test will Bala Hatun locate another life partner contender for Osman Bey?


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