Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu

Great Seljuk episode 15 With Urdu and English Subtitles

Great Seljuk episode 15

Great Seljuk episode 15 sanchar questioned Sultan Malik Shah for allowing Taj-ul-Mulk to attack his mother. On the other hand, Malik Shah was angry at Sanchar for going against his defined rules. Great Seljuk episode 15they were having a rude conversation when Andreas attacks soldiers, and Malik Shah answered back with all his might, but he lost Sanchar at the end of the fight.


Tarkan Khatoon

In the castle, Tarkan Khatoon held Turna Khatoon accountable for poisoning Nizam-ul-Mulk. She begs for help, but Tarkan Khatoon orders to put her behind bars.
Sanchar, while running in the jungle, hears an old lady screaming. On following that voice, he sees Head Dai holding Arslantis’s mother. He was about to kill her in the presence of Rustem. Head Dai runs away when he hears Malik Shah is about to attack. Rustem finds a way to escape by stabbing her mother, who dies in the arms of Sanchar. Before dying, Arslantis’s mother admits her lies and tells the truth.

Darul Hijr from Ameer-ul-Tibr

Rustem reports to Head Dai, who assigns him the task of taking Holy books to their destiny. Faisal buys Darul Hijr from Ameer-ul-Tibr as he offered him to compensate for the loss of Steel. He justifies his demand for that place by saying he wants to dig mines. Sanchar vows to prove Arslantis innocent, and he has a strong feeling that those who plotted a conspiracy against Nizam-ul-Mulk, Turna Khatoon, and Arslantis are related somehow. Sultan sends Tappar after Sanchar. Gawher Khatoon asks Tappar to come back with Sanchar and win the heart of Sultan Malik Shah this time.

Sultan Malik Shah

Sultan Malik Shah makes Turna Khatoon remember the lady who was there when she was making food for Nizam-ul-Mulk. Asma (the lady who poisoned food on the order of Tarkan Khatoon) comes out to be missing. Sultan orders to find her and asks Turna Khatoon to be forgiven if she helps Nizam-ul-Mulk breathe again.

Hamdani sahib

Sultan goes to Hamdani sahib to talk to Sanchar’s mother because it was the only one to guide his place. He does not meet Basulu Khatoon on the advice of Hamdani Sahib.
Gawher Khatoon and Tarkan Khatoon plan to find the lady from whom Tarkan Khatoon bought poison. They have a planted conversation in front of Firdous, who reports the same to Tarkaan Khatoon.

Turks and Seljuks

Sultan Malik Shah gets furious when he is informed about the atrocity of Andreas. He prepares his army to attack Kovel. Hassan Sabbah knows Malik Shah will kill Andreas anyway, and he is satisfied with this because he has developed good terms with the next head of Kovel, Markos. Markos hates Turks and Seljuks, so he allies with Hassan Sabbah.

Alcin Khatoon

Tarkaan Khatoon follows Alcin Khatoon in the forest. Alcin finds the bitch was already dead, but Tarkaan Khatoon creates a sense that Alcin Khatoon has killed that lady. Sultan Malik Shah, with the prayers of Sefriye Khatoon, attacks Andreas and kills every person of his enemy.
Hence, the 14th episode of Great Seljuk ends on an inspirationally positive note that all ultimate winning power is of ALLAH.

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Uyanis Buyuk Seluklu Season 1 Episode 15 with English and Urdu Subtitles

Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu | The Great Seljuk Renaissance

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