Teskilat Episode 14 Urdu Subtitles

Teskilat relates the tale of a captivating unit working under the National Intelligence Organization. The specialists of this cryptic association have driven important dazzling activities in the country and abroad. They are not known to anybody, their character is the mystery and there is a secret about their pasts and records.
The favored bits of knowledge and private existences of the information prepared experts, their families, and individual presentations will be uncovered. They should give up different things to become secret excellent individuals.

Review Episode 13:
In Episode 13, Fadi who is brought to Turkey is examined concerning the planned assault on Kale at any rate leaves the deals unanswered. Despite Fadi’s catch, the Chief trains Ceren to proceed with her significant assault plan. Because of the assessments made at the central command, it is normal that the street has appeared around the end for Ceren. The development is proposed to get Ceren with every piece of her affiliations, particularly the Chief. Meanwhile, fear-based oppressors who go to the country for the goliath assault appear on TVs with the structure they have set up and pass on alerts.
Looking for changed approaches to manage to administer show around at the subtleties of the planned assault, Uzay needs Gurcan to follow the cash moved by Fadi. Unfathomable heavenly events expect them as the gathering battles from all sides to obliterate the beast assault on Kale.
Right when the data that Fadi moved away and the plane in which Serdar was grasped appears at the base camp, the get-together is on the alert. In a groundwork of power and enduring quality to injure the tricky, Serdar is cornered when the assailants find that there is a data official on the plane. While Ceren proceeds with her exercises as a piece of the assault plan, the gathering after her tracks down that another assault is planned.

Trailer Episode 14:
In Episode 14, Fadi gains by the chance and endeavors to escape after the vehicle he is in has a cataclysm. Pinar’s life is at veritable threat, as she dropped down in the vehicle during the contention that broke out after the mishap. After the psychological oppressor gets a handle on the plane, Serdar understands that the monstrous assault plan will arise through the plane. Coming about to seeing that there is a bomb on the plane, he makes a move to forestall the assault.

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