Isimsizler Season 2 Episode 11 in Urdu Subtitles

Isimsizler series is the story of Turkish secret agency, the brave men of whose is always ready to sacrifice their life for their state. The story revolved around the martyred Turkish governor Fatih. In the first season, the famous governor Fatih was about to start his new overseas duty after completing his diplomat degree when he heard the news of the assassination of the Governor of Virankaya at the hands of terrorists. He changes his mind and goes abroad and takes the place of that governor. The difficulties he encounters there are all shown in this series. This Series also include the scenes of Ahadis, Azan, Quran, Sahri, Aftari and full of action and suspense. The series revolves around the lives of heroes who are always ready to eliminate the enemies of their homeland and enter the ranks of the enemy and attack in such a way that the enemy can’t dare looks up at them again.

Isimsizler Episode 23 Review:

Isimsizler episode 23 started with a scene when Damla was unconscious along the road and then she opened up her eyes and at that time Beyroski call her and said to her that you have bomb attached with your body and told her that she (Beyroski) has the remote of the bomb attached with her and if she (Damla) did not follow her rules then she will explode the bomb. After that a long discussion started between Fatih and Handan. Then, Beyroski take the Damla to the place of her father and told her that if she wants to see their parents alive then she has to follow her order. And then Beyroski see the Mamo coming out of the car. Then she asked from Damla that who is this person but Damla said her that she did not know her. After that Yaqoob man Derman sees Damla and told his friend that there was he saw Damla but they find but could not see any sign of Damla. After that Handan call the Korkut and told him that she needs his help to collect the information about the Bird man post mortem report. Qudrat call to the Beyroski and talk with her and told her that she has to explode the bomb at 3’o clock after his orders in the play-ground. Beyroski took the Damla with her and reached there and is almost near to explode the bomb when Qudrat call her that she will not explode the bomb because he will take the Bird man chip from Yaqoob in exchange of the Damla. He also asked Handan to find the chip as soon as possible and told her that otherwise we all will die.

Handan gave the idea to the Yaqoob that we will not give the actual chip to the Qudrat but make him fool to take the Damla. And on the other side Beyroski took the Damla and went near the head quarter to explode the bomb. Handan and Yaqoob alone reached to the fixed spot for meeting with Qudrat. After giving him the wrong chip Yaqoob asked him to release her daughter. Qudrat asked Beyroski to release her and at that Fatih and his soldiers found Damla but they see that she has an attached bomb. Beyroski was almost about to explode the bomb when suddenly Dai put his pistol on the neck of Beyroski.

Isimsizler Episode 24 Trailer:

Are you intrigued to see that will Damla be escaped from the bomb fitted with her? Will Fatih and his soldiers be able to save the Damla? Will the truth of Handan be revealed to Fatih? What will be the reaction of Yaqoob with Qudrat after hearing about the fitted bomb with his daughter Damla? In order to see all these facts, visit our website.

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