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Kurulus Osman is a Turkish historical drama television series, created by Turkish drama writer Mehmet Bozdag starring around the character name Burak Ozcivit (Osman Ghazi). It focuses on the lifestyles of Osman I, founder of the Ottoman Empire. It is the sequel to Dirilis Ertugrul which focused on the life of Ertugrul Ghazi, the father of Osman, which was played by character named as Engin Altan Duzyatan.

Kurulus Osman Episode 57 Review

In Kurulus Osman Episode fifty-seven, Togay tears the paper sent by Osman and swears that he will kill him. Osman asks Gunduz bey to take greater safety measures. Umar bey behave angry with Malhun for what she has carried out and says he has no longer forgiven her yet. The governor of Geyhatu learns that Osman did now not pay taxes and tells the Sultan that he beat the envoy he sent. Sultan says he’ll punish Osman and sends an Emir to summon him to the palace. Yason says that Osman expelled the Mongol ambassador from the apparent and that he would now not pay taxes. Nikola asks Yason to hold calm and tells him that they may attack Togay.

Osman is going to Sheikh’s Edebali and begins talking to him approximately the Mongols. Goktug comes to the shop and gives Osman the message sent by way of the Sultan. Osman learns from Konya that the Emir of the Sultan will come and orders Goktug proper food to be prepared for him. That night time, Emir comes and offers the items sent through the Sultan to Osman. Emir says that Sultan invited Osman to Konya. Umar bey learns that Emir visited Osman and says that he did not receive any guide from absolutely everyone all this time.

Togay tells that Osman goes to Konya and orders the Yarshisar lord to pay his tax now. When he unearths out that Togay will not attack Osman, Nikola plans to attack him. Cerkutay and Aygul seize the undercover agent on the plain. Nikola invites Umar bey to his citadel. Nikola says that Togay will attack Umar bey quickly. Umar bey says he’s looking for a possibility to assault Togay. Nikola offers him to assault Togay collectively and tells him about the assault plan. Gunduz bey interrogates the spy on the obvious and learns from him that Nikola will attack Togay. Gunduz bey is happy with this information, but Bamsi bey says that Nikola has a mystery plan. Osman and the Alps attain the palace. Emir asks them to get rest.

Osman proceeds to the Sultan’s room with the items he introduced from the plain. The Sultan’s infantrymen ask Osman to put down his sword and tell him how to talk to the Sultan. Osman then is available in and gives his presents to Mesud. Meanwhile, the governor Yargucu suddenly enters and begins talking to Osman. Mesud asks what Osman did to the ambassador. Osman says that the Mongol envoy attacked him and he dispatched him to Togay. Yargucu does no longer trust him, but Osman says that Togay killed the envoy. Yargucu asks Osman whilst he pays the tax.

Umar vey opposes Osman’s selection and says that he will not obey the Mongols irrespective of what. Osman says that Sultan will supply a navy. Umar bey is towards Osman once more. Malhun tries to calm both of them, but says that Umar will no longer take permission from everybody to attack Togay. Osman tells Umar that if he does this type of element, he ought to undergo the effects. While Aygul and Kumral make swords, the meals dispatched with the aid of Cerkutay comes. Aygul learns that Cerkutay sells his armor and distributes meals to anybody to have a good time that he’s a Muslim. Aygul says Kayi girls will make armor for Cerkutay.

Cerkutay says he will fulfill his obligations as a Muslim. Meanwhile, Goktug comes and tells that Umar bey is about to go away with his squaddies. Osman takes the Alps and sets out to stop Umar bey. Osman stops Umar bey within the woodland, but Umar bey asks him to get out of his way. Osman asks Umar bey to go back to his tribe. As the struggle among the 2 armies is about to break out, Sheikh Edebali comes and prevents them. Sheikh Edebali asks Umar bey to go back to his tribe for the future of the Turks. Umar bey accepts this and returns to his tribe.

Kurulus Osman Episode 58 Trailer

Kurulus Osman Episode 58 will on air on 12th May 2021. Are you intrigued to see that what will be the next plan of Togay to beat Osman bey? How Osman will stop the Togay? What will be the plan of Nikola to destroy the unity between Osman bey and Togay? Will Osman bey marry with Malhun Hatun in episode 58? What will be the reaction of Bala Hatun after listening that Osman bey will marry with Malhun Hatun? To know about all above facts, watch Kurulus Osman episode 58 on Historic Series HS.

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