Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu

Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 32 Urdu and English

In Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 31, Zubeyda orders to return to the palace after the discussions on the plain. As Melik Shah sees the dead Batinis, he orders that Tekish will rule the city. Tapar was not in the favor of this order but he was forced to obey that order. Zubeyda does not allow Terken from entering the Sultan’s room due to the disrespectful behavior on the plain and does not allow Gevher’s family to enter. The Sultan sends his soldiers back to the palace. Tapar continues to make problems with Shalamzar. Tapar does not understand the wisdom of his father behind this matter. As per the choice made by Sultan, Sanjar says that Turan can do anything. Sanjar at that moment goes to the palace with his Mother and Nizam. Gevher discusses the decisions made by the Sultan and incites Tapar. Sultan goes to visit Nessac and informs him regarding his issues. Nessac tells him that all his issues will resolve as the time passes. While doing preparation with soldiers, Turan discovers that the Sultan has called him to the castle and sets off right away. Sultan says that Sanjar will be called Melik in light of the fact that he is his own child. Sultan says that Basulu will get the respect which she diserves as the mother of Meliks. Sanjar says that Turan will irate with these choices, however Melik Shah says that he will utilize his outrage to obliterate him. The Sultan at that moment orders to leave the room because he wants to conservate with Basulu. Melik Shah tells how he has been feeling for quite a long time and discloses to Basulu that she is allowed to go to the palace wherever she wants. Sanjar begins organizing the arrangement of the function. After the function, Turan goes to the Sultan’s room and asks him for what valid reason he settled on such a choice. Sultan replies that he settles on the most fitting choice as is indicated by custom and tradition that they submit to his orders. Melik Shah gives Tekish a paper saying that he is Shalamzar’s official and orders that he will bring the Greek fire supplies. Melik Shah decides to give some of the land to Sanjar, and the present circumstance upsets Turan. After Turan leaves the palace, he tells that he will assault the castle and take the seat. Tekish secretly meets Hassan and discloses to him that he needed to give the Greek fire supplies. Hassan calms him by saying that Sanjar will die on his way to palace. Hassan’s adherents assault Sanjar and his fighters convey the Greek fire. Sanjar defeats the fighters and tells about the situation to Sultan. Melik Shah treated the Sanjar’s arm. The Sultan at that moment calls Sanjar his child and embraces him. Gevher attempts to incite Tapar indeed that evening. Tapar cannot stand anymore and goes to the garden. Tapar sees Sanjar there and expresses gratitude towards him. Sanjar welcomes whole heartedly both Tapar and Ali to the tribe. Tekish meets with Hassan in order to make plan to assault Sultan by seeking aid from Mitras. Faysal thinks that the Sultan can neither go to Kuvel nor return to the castle. Turan comes when Hassan says that they will do anything required to help Turan. Turan blows up Tekish for teaming up with Hassan. By listening the Hassan, he begins working with them. The next day, a few of some assailants assault Shalamzar and catch Tekish. Turan goes to the castle with a portion of his military, but he can’t see anybody there.
What new track Tekish, Turan and Hassan will go to place for the Sultan? Will Sanjar become successful in defeating them? To know the answers, keep watching the Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 32 on Historic Series.

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