Teskilat Episode 5 Urdu Subtitles

Episode 4 was indeed a game changer. I mean, wow! Have you seen it? Do you remember the significant incidents from the plot of this episode? If not, no problem, we’ll brief it here for you. Now, the mission has entered into a peak phase where they know their enemy, Zaid Fadi and Leyal. Uzay tells his team about the background of Zayd Fadi. It was clear that all he wanted was to become powerful enough to force people to respect him. Zayd has asked the extremists to spread threat in the Turks of the area. A group of rascals attacked a Turk’s hotel and killed the owner in front of his family. Zehra takes the footage of the crime scene and sends it to Uzay and Gyurjan for analysis. The secret teams come to know about the plans of Fadi. Fadi pays money to a Neo-Nazi group member to attack Turks.
Meanwhile, the secret mission team acts as a family when Uncle Hakky cooks menemin for them. Uncle Hakky always makes them remember their mission and advises them not to know about each other to avoid emotional attachments. At breakfast, on the question of Khulki, Serdar tells them that his family was also burnt and wants to take revenge. Zehra and Serdar have a little rude conversation after that. Serdar is prepared to meet Renoy and win his confidence. He does so with the help of Khulki and Pinar. Out of nowhere, the chairman comes to know about Pinar’s call to Khulki’s mother.
Renoy likes Serdar so much that he offers him to stay at Hunter’s Hotel with them. They go to a restaurant and burn its upper roof, but Pinar and Khulki save people. Renoy thanks Serdar as he saved his life twice. At night, Renoy gets an order from Marvan, and he plans an attack for the next day. Serdar checked the places when everyone was sleeping. But unfortunately, he is caught by the man who already was suspecting him. Serdar kills him, and Uzay ad Gyuorjan help him to create a situation where another person is held accountable for the assassination of the killed one.
Pinar and Khulki also reach a snowy place and see a mysterious workshop there. Khulki makes a clip that the police minibus was evacuated, and a bomb was placed in it for the attack.
Leyal meets Jeren and comes to know that Serdar did not. one back from Berlin. She immediately calls Fadi to inform him about the bad news. Fadi thinks critically and finds out that Serdar would be with the terrorist group. He reaches there and takes Serdar!
The end of this episode left us with numerous doubts about whether Serdar will be killed or cannot manage to escape from Fadi’s guards. Wait for episode 5 to quest your thirsts.

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