Review of Episode 119
After assaulting Nayman’s base camp, Usman goes to the woodland and begins talking to his troopers. Turgut says that Mongolian officers will assault other Beys. Usman says that Nayman will hold up for a where as and starts to clarify his possess assault arrange. Usman clarifies that it could be a exceptionally great time to require Inegol back and asks his troopers to get ready for the assault. Turgut begins seeking out for a way to enter Inegol. Olof says he will retaliate for Dan and proceeds to hold up for the Emperor’s armed force. Nayman comes to the castle and starts to tell what Usman did. Nayman learns that the Byzantine armed force is coming and inquires Olof to assault the Turks carefully. Cerkutay gets Usman’s mystery message and learns that Turgut will come to the castle before long.
Cerkutay neutralizes the watches and tries to open the entrance to the mystery burrow. Turgut comes to the castle by utilizing this burrow with a few of his warriors. Usman starts to tell how he will assault Inegol that night. Sheik and Oktem come to a conversation with Usman. Turgut enters the castle after a whereas and tells Cerkutay how to open the entryway. Nayman checks the gold arranged by Ismihan and cautions her brutally. Olof brings the plunder he has captured within the town to the castle and begins talking to the priestess. Sheik salutes Aktemur and says that other Alps ought to get hitched as well. Usman says that they will hold Aktemur’s wedding after the success of Inegol. The ladies plan a ceremony for Alcicek. Usman implores with his officers the following morning and inquires Allah for offer assistance. Orhan says he will secure the house and the city until his father returns.
How o tackles the infidels? What will be the new strategy of Usman? How to become a rising spirit? What will be unique in that mystery? How are the problems being overcome? Will it be the solution to control the situation by accepting Mongol’s offer?

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