Korolos Usman Ep 80

In the previous episode, Geyhatu’s soldiers want to capture Usman and attack with power. Usman and his soldiers are on the way to kill the Mongol soldiers because they want to take revenge of the Goktug. Mongolian soldiers succeeded to kill the sergeant and also caught Usman. On the same time, Nikola attack in order to catch Kosses. Turgut’s soldiers are on the way and do their best to prevent their cart. Turgut realizes it is wise to walk with the Kosses in this critical situation. Nikola is following them in the woods. Turgut walk with Kosses to return to his castle and order his soldiers to move to defend Usman. After a long war, the Usman is captured by Mongols. Nikola caught Turgut, but Kosses and his soldiers save him from the infidels. Geyhatu tells that Usman will be near to his death and move him away. Bala and Malhun want the Beys to help the to save Usman. Malhun asks Gunduz to stay faraway from the Vizier. Seljan says that a meeting will no longer be held to opt for the new Bey. Gunduz can’t wait for it anymore and tells them that he’s going to send the girls into exile. Malhun and Bala attempt to enchantment to Gunduz however fail. Geyhatu learns that Usman gets free and becomes very angry. Seljan could be very disillusioned via what Gunduz said. Usman talks to Kosses inside the forest and learns Alemshah’s plan. Usman asks Kosses to send a Byzantine soldier to Nikola and to inform him approximately the vizier’s plan. Kosses at once accepts this opportunity.Usman says he has to visit the palace to cast off the accusations towards himself. Turgut considers it very dangerous to visit Konya, however Usman is going to tell the whole situation to the without hesitating. Geyhatu realizes that it is necessary for Usman to think about it and to make a new plan. Usman says that Geyhatu attacked inside the wooded area and killed the sergeant. The Sultan does no longer consider this and starts off evolved to ask Usman questions. Usman says that Vezir is doing secret paintings at the border and that he’s additionally running with Geyhatu. Sultan asks Usman for evidence to show this case. Bala goes into hard work as the ladies who left the tribe travel to a close-by village. Julia watches the Turks from afar and attacks them after a while. Julia says she can kill Bala this time and significantly injures Seljan. While the Sultan is ready approximately the letter sent via Vizier, Geyhatu’s secret agent kills him. Usman right away kills the secret agent. Seljuk soldiers assume that Usman killed the Sultan and try and trap him. Seljan can’t take it anymore and dies within the wooded area.
How Usman will prove his innocence that he could not kill Sultan? How will he prove the traps of Vezier? What would the expectations of Usman;s family? How they will get revenge of the Salcan Khatun?


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