KU Epi 107

Usman holds a family meeting at the mansion. Marhan says Ismihan is a dangerous woman. Konur goes to Inegol and asks Turgut to send a catapult to Usman. I have stated that it is very wrong to do so, and I would like to consider sending a catapult for a while. Usman then heads to the secret headquarters with Bala. The Sultan meets with Kantakuzenos at a secret place in the forest. Kantakzenos says he has taken the Byzantine throne and asks what the Sultan’s plans are. The Sultan immediately stops Usman and says that Kantakzenos will soon become emperor. An Ottoman spy is caught trying to eavesdrop on the Sultan.
Aktemr told his uncle that Bayindir wanted to marry Al-Sisek and asked for help. Usman becomes aware of Baindil’s secret plan and says he will tell Octem about it as soon as possible. Bayindir he learns the location of Usman’s secret headquarters and soon he tells the Sultan. Baindir wants to marry Oktem’s daughter and asks the Sultan for help. Usman returns to town and asks Marhan to prepare. Aisha becomes angry when she finds out her son is talking to Usman. Aktemur changes her mother’s decision, albeit harshly. Bengi starts arguing with Oktem and asks him to give the Baiindir to Alshichek. Sultan comes to the castle while Oktem is arguing with his wife. Hearing what the Sultan said, Oktem changes his mind and allows Arsicek to marry Baindir. After some time, Usman came to the castle and found out what had happened. Usman said Oktem’s decision was wrong and said he would rectify the situation as soon as possible.
What will be the new series reflect about the courageous people of Kayi? How will the Osman train his sons? What will be the new lesson from the series that will inspire the whole nation? How it will become possible to develop a new state?

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