KU Episode 110

Usman enters one of the palace’s rooms and searches for Mesut, but a Mongol commander attacks him. Usman resists the Mongol soldiers, but is ultimately unsuccessful. The Mongols will soon conquer the Turks. Bayindir says Usman will greatly regret it. Samaghar tried to kill Usman, but Baindir stopped the commander, citing Valide’s orders. Aladdin prepares to meet the Sultan and enters his room. Ismihan asks Bala to calm down and calls the soldiers. Maruhan soothes Bara and asks her not to make a mistake. Bengi becomes very angry at what Bala has done. Ismihan reassures Bengi that she will soon ruin Usman’s reputation. Ismihan says the merchants will not come to Yenisehir and the people will revolt. Bengi is very happy to find that he can dominate the market.
That night, Baindir tried to look for Usman in the palace, but was unable to find him. Alcicek says he still loves Aktemur. Bengi arrives as Esma tries to appease Arcicek. Bengi realizes that Esma has locked the door and throws her out of the lock. Sheikh arrives while Turgut ponders recent events. Sheikh informs Turgut of the situation in the city and forces him to make a decision. Turgut said he has always supported the Turks and will resolve the food problem as soon as possible. After saying goodbye to his son, Usman goes in search of Mesut. Maluhan talks to Orhan and gives advice. Bala returns to the mansion, but he doesn’t tell anyone what he said with Ismihan. Kantakzenos orders all provisions to be brought to the cave and says that a great rebellion will soon break out. Olof warns Kantakzenos and asks him not to trust Ismihan.
What will be the end of the enemies trying to defeat Usman? How to make the best plan to defeat the infidels? What will be the role of women in the battles? How to make a strong nation? What are the requirements of the new state?

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