Kurulus Usman Episode 109

Review of Episode 108
Usman says he had a keg of gunpowder and managed to escape from the castle. Usman began to explain his new plan, saying that he would capture Turgut Castle. Baindir says he will take revenge on Usman. Oktem tries to make his friend feel easy by saying he will bring back Alcicek. As usual, Bengi continues to provoke her husband. Alcicek finds out what happened to Aktemur and starts crying. After a while, Aktemr opened his eyes and saw Alcicek. Alcicek he apologizes to Aktemur. Aktemur says he doesn’t want Alcicek anymore because he didn’t keep his promise. Turgut asks the Sultan to be very careful with Usman. Ismihan calms Turgut and tells him that he has a plan. Usman enters the castle’s throne room among his

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