Korolos Usman Ep 81

In the previous episode, Mongolian infantrymen input the Sultan’s room and discover him useless. The soldiers suppose Usman is the assassin and want to arrest him. Aygul tries to takeover Julia however fails. Meanwhile, two men arises and begin shooting at the Byzantine squaddies. Julia gets scared and starts strolling. Bala and Malhun without delay take Selcan to Sogut. Usman is about to escape himself from the Mongols, Cerkutay and Turgut come to his resource. Usman want to use the secret tunnel therefore; he goes to the room. The men who assist the girls are Konur and Boran. Konur tells Boran to cover this incident from anyone. Doctors try to heal Sultan’s. Gunduz arrange the meeting with the tribe Beys.
The vizier talks with the Geyhatu and knows that Usman gets free himself from the palace. Geyhatu wants to establish a large army inside the border vicinity and grow himself to be the Mongol emperor. Usman meets the Kosses outdoor of the palace and tells him what took place within the palace. A Mongolian commander is on the way to catch Turgut and assaults him within the forest. Usman defeats the Mongols again and sets out to go back to his tribe. Gunduz gets very disillusioned after Selcan said about him but says he did everything for the future of the Turks. While Gunduz is leaving the dervish motel, Sheikh stops him. Sheikh warns Gunduz another time and asks him not to trust what the vizier stated. Usman and his buddies rest to make themselves free from the infidels in a cave that night time. Kosses want to know about the Usman about Sultan and talks approximately about the future. Usman tells Kosses that he has not to worry about his life.
Usman sends a message to Sheikh and asks him to ask all the dervishes to a assembly. Malhun and Bala tell each person that Selcan is dead. Sheikh and Abdal started to pray to get the Selcan free from the critical condition. The vizier learns that the dervishes are going to the hotel and thinks that is Usman’s plan. All the soldiers of the vizier gathered and goes to the resort. The vizier asks in which Usman is, but Abdal tells him that Selcan is lifeless. The vizier asks his squaddies to search every part of the hotel. The Sheikh warns Vezir for the final time and asks him no longer to disturb the harmless. Meanwhile, Usman has already commenced to enforce his plan. Usman tells every body that Selcan is lifeless and makes use of this opportunity to visit the lodge. Seljuk soldiers can’t locate absolutely everyone inside the dervish resort and go back to the resort. The vizier is surprised to see Usman and assaults him. Usman says to Vizier that he has to sacrifice for the deed s which he had done, so he killed the Vizier.
What would be the next step which Usman would take to get himself free from the Mongols. What problems he would have to face after killing Vizier. What would Mongols do to punish Usman. What would be the Next step of Sultan Masud. To watch all these facts visit our website www.HistoricSeries.com


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