Isimsizler Season 2 Episode 9 in Urdu Subtitles

Fatih, a promising young Turkish diplomat, is waiting to start his new mission abroad. When the terrorists killed the governor of the Virankaya district in Turkey, he changed his mind and took the place of the governor. Isimsizler Season 2 Episode 9 English subtitle They search under each rock to find and block the bomb. As Kudret looked at the situation with glee, Handan did his best to dodge the bomb. Fatih is very suspicious of Handan. Can Anonymous prevent this terrorist attack without another explosion? What surprises await Damla, who managed to escape from the camp?

Watch and download Ismizlar Episode 22 Urdu Subtitle by Historic Series: Ismizlar Season 2 Episode 22 Urdu Subtitle Hello friends! Welcome to Historic Series The Kurulus Osman series is getting more and more famous every day. Each episode is so beautiful that it was impossible for fans to wait a week AND in the meantime they are interested in learning about the twists that lie ahead in the story. . full of curiosity and action. The turning point of the story in the last episode was the announcement of Osman Bey’s decision to marry Malhun Hatun.

In the next episode, the story will take a turn for the worse and the importance of Omar Bey’s character suddenly changes. Since Omar Bey’s entry into the series, his bossy nature and ego have not made him a strong ally of the Kayi tribe. We will talk about the conditions in which the Togay handed over the Gulf of Omar to Osman Bey. Will Osman face defeat without hesitation? Osman Bay will bring Omar Bey to his tribe first, then why bring him to his tribe? What great punishment will Osman Bey give to Omar Bay? Is Zoya’s new girl a spy and will she use Goktug Alp?
Will Osman Bey and Malhun Hatun’s wedding be postponed and will it be seen next season? How many episodes are left for the season and what will be the last big show of the season? Also tell me which woman you will see the love story of Goktug Alp with.
Be sure to watch the video for details on all the cool questions and subscribe to our channel. The second trailer in the Kurulus Osman series comes out early. Curiosity in him will be discussed. But remember that whenever the second teaser is released earlier, then your trailer is out too. Three episodes in a row add curiosity, but three trailers serve a special purpose.If you pay attention, the three episode trailers that have been released so far contain one big, historic event. Previously, only three trailers of the death of Dundar and the episode of the martyrdom of Savci Bey were published. Everyone is curious to know what the next episode will be like. In fact, those who collided with Osman Bey were ashamed and sorry. Big boss Omar Bey will bow his head to Osman Bey and admit defeat and his mistakes. In such situation,

Osman Bey has to make an important decision taking into account all the requirements of justice since it was decided to marry Osman Bey with his daughter Malhun Hatun to strengthen the alliance with Omar Bey. Are you now going to suffer the consequences of Omar Bey’s mistake? We will discuss this topic in detail. We know that in Turkish tradition, no matter what wrong his partner has done, his enemies will not leave him alone. As Ertugrul Ghazi did not leave Dundar with Vesulos, Omar Bay also made a big mistake and did not hesitate to warn Osman Bey again and again AND ended up being a victim of Nikola’s plans The pain of this defeat will never be forgotten, but maybe Tugay don’t stop. show the horror of it.

Without a doubt, Omar is considered a worthy and respected leader among the Turks. But everyone knew the actions of the Mongols. After killing all the soldiers in Omar Bay, Tugay will also insult Omar Bay and so on. The Mongols probably pushed and did not respect each other. cheering him on.It’s predictable from his condition.When he was among the Mongols, as soon as Osman Bey found out that Omar had left to attack Tugay, everyone got excited like Bala, his fans seemed to be having a difficult time. This, what satisfies Bala and his fans is the love of Bala & Osman, In today’s post.

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