Isimsizler Season 2 Episode 13 in Urdu Subtitles

Review of Isimsizler Episode 25
While going in Virankaya, the Watcher presses the catch for the last time of his strange game plan in the capital. Leader Olcay is in a savage fight in the town. Facing Fatih, Sawer first holds onto Afran and a while later uncovers to Fatih that his mother isn’t dead. Finding that he has brief period to save his mother, Fatih is gotten between two flares. An exceptional fight expects Fatih and his group. Divisions inside the dread-based oppressor relationship finally convey them to a point they didn’t expect. Information experts inside the affiliation are uncovered. The watcher hits any person who sold out them without squinting. The affiliation is starting to address everyone among themselves. Meanwhile, another solicitation is coming to Cemal, explicitly Afran, from the President. Cemal is informed that he should leave his commitment at the most punctual chance and escape, anyway he communicates that he gave up his family for this commitment and presently he will not escape just for himself. On the other hand, problematic events start for Yıldız, who finds that her father is alive and is an executioner. Yildiz doesn’t have even the remotest clue how to deal with the shock of what he has found and is looking for ways to deal with show up at his father. Nevertheless, this isn’t basically pretty much as straightforward as he assessed. Undoubtedly, can Yıldız get in touch with her father? Will Cemal with everything taken into account Afran recognize to pause and move away? Fatih and his group take an action to help the Turkmens bearing a surge. In any case, a solid assistance bunch is needed thusly, regardless numerous Turkmen, women and children will be killed. It gets bothering for the affiliation that the region lead delegate Fatih appears before the affiliation and conveys significant wounds on them. The affiliation sets up a fantastic intrigue to take the power of the locale lead delegate in the ownership of Fatih. It is written in the substance of the minutes from the supported units that Fatih was suspended from his office as region lead agent. The clarification is that he is a suspect in the killing of Otto, and will not return to commitment until this case is dropped, as it would not suit the region lead agent’s office. Fatih and his gathering will continue causing wounds on that deceptive mental assailant affiliation, whether or not this power is taken from them. Tolerating that endeavoring to stop Fatih would be insufficient, Berfin snatches Yıldız to obliterate him. There creates a problem for Fateh to resolve the unexceptional events.
What will happen in the next episode? What will Fateh do next? Is he and his group will get success in defeating the traitors? To know the answers watch Isimsizler episode 26.

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