Teskilat Episode 11 Urdu Subtitles

In the Teşkilat system, which will be as a troop chain. A story will be portrayed as a critical unit working under the relationship of the National Intelligence Service. The blessed individuals of this Teşkilat secretive completed tremendous remarkable tasks in the country and abroad. Nobody knows her, and in any case, when they were martyred, no one knows why they were martyred. Adventitiously, home is bountiful about these puzzling legends.

Review Episode 10:
Serdar and Zahra have tense minutes at unmistakable evidence control, which they entered with Kassim. They choose to remain at the inn at the air terminal until the plane is fixed. Fadi is baffled to track down that the plane passing on his niece Kassim didn’t crash. He looks for the assistance of his companion Stefanos in Greece to keep Kassim away from being taken to Turkey.
The social event gets the individual who took the photographs and looks at them at base camp. They are persuaded that Ceren isn’t unraveled by the course of the action game. Meanwhile, the Chief admonishes Ceren concerning his new mission and asks that Serdar is liable for being deciphered.
Understanding that Fadi was after them after the disappointment of the plane was affirmed to be accomplished by naughtiness, Serdar and Zahra assumed that they should leave the country straight away. Right when Stefanos shows up at the inn with his men, a badly arranged flight plan is set up to move away from Greece.
Ceren acts to get urgent information about Koral’s foundation with the course she got from the Chief. The social affair shows up in Syria with the load plane passing on Koral frameworks and starts looking at Fadi’s bookkeeper with the game-plan they have set up at the air terminal. From the conversations they see, they find that Fadi is coming to Syria. Perceiving the insufficiency of the bookkeeper, the social affair sets up an artfulness game to butcher Fadi.
Fadi’s motivation in Syria ends up being to debilitate KORAL structures. The comprehension of another assault on the Turkish base will constrain the social event to settle on an annoying decision.

Trailer Episode 11:
Fadi needs Kassim to get out, the most genuine danger to the political race he is planning to enter. Recognizing that Fadi has lost his trust and hoping to approve himself, Leyal acts ignorant of him and instructs Ceren to discover Kassim.
Leyal needs to confound Fadi by appearing at Kasim, while the social occasion readies amazement for Fadi when they discover he is in Paris. Will the capital of notion be the start of the end for Fadi?

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