Isimsizler Season 2 Episode 12 in Urdu Subtitles

In Episode 24 of Isimsizler Season 1, Fateh and his gathering start an in the background examination as they attempt to eradicate any signs to the battling nearby. Researching the bomb utilized in the homicide of a nearby pioneer’s delegate, Olkhay shows up at an intriguing affiliation whose objective is to access world forces. Where will this data take them? What will Fateh and his gathering follow with the information they have acquired?

Furthermore, now in Episode 25, Otto and Sawyer anticipate a horrible course of action where the digital currency that hacked the state likewise assumes a significant part and sets the overall population in opposition to the state. As of now, a message sent by Kursat over the line takes Kursat and Murat on an excursion brimming with phenomenal risks. The danger that anticipated them toward the finish of this excursion stressed everybody. Are the gathering’s doubts about Sinan affirmed in the fourth untitled scene? In the last scene we see Mahmoud’s home, who was attempting to construct a plane for implosion. During their inquiry, counter-illegal intimidation police discovered a progression of proof in the house. Sinan who was overcoming outrageous dread and franticness at these hints, started to feel that the street was going to end. The gathering accepts that Sinan is a fake, yet they have no records to demonstrate this yet. Is the gathering that brought Sinan near the information about him? What will occur after I reveal to Ahmed Al-Fateh? Is Sinan heading the other way, realizing that the gathering thinks about him?

Then again, the new offended party Zeki Zaten is likewise helped to remember his story. Zeki Zaten is a public examiner who moved from Istanbul Graduate school and was designated to Ferenkaya in the wake of serving in Balikecir Begaadic, Izmir Territory and Ankara. What will occur between the hero and the new agent? For what reason did the new inspector question his autonomy? The ill will between the Hero and Sawyer expanded substantially more. Sawyer leaves the champion in some hot water. Then, at that point, once more, Ahmed, whom the cheat contrived in the last scene, falls into jail. His family, who lives with Ahmed, were harmed during the battling and another notable individual, a family member, lost his youngster. From that point forward, Ahmed, in jail, has put it all on the line when he discovered he had lost his youngster. The very examples that immerse the jail are another entrancing plot for Ahmed. Will Ahmed fall in this race?

While this is going on in Virinkaya, the Gatekeeper presses for one final opportunity to catch his amusing spot in the capital. Administrator Olkhay is taking on a ground conflict in the city. Before the Winner, Sawyer captured Afreen first and afterward uncovered to Fateh that his mom had not kicked the bucket. At the point when she discovers that she has almost no an ideal opportunity to save her mom, Fateh is between two flames. Savage fights anticipate Fateh and his gathering. The division inside the relationship of victimizers dependent on dread at last leads them to a point they didn’t anticipate. The information on the specialists inside the affiliation was uncovered. The spectators beat each and every individual who sold it without feigning exacerbation. The Affiliation started to address everybody. In the mean time, Jamal got different solicitations, particularly from Afreen, from the president. Jamal was informed that he should leave his commitments straightaway and holiday, yet expressed that he had surrendered his family for this commitment and would now not flee for himself as it were.

Then again, upsetting occasions start for Yildez, who finds that his dad is as yet alive and a killer. Yildez has no clue about how to manage the awe of what she has found and is searching for an approach to contact her dad. Be that as it may, it isn’t pretty much as basic as I suspected. Indeed, could Yildez call his dad? Will Jamal at last permit Afreen to give up and leave? Fateh and his gathering move to assist Turkmenistan with protecting itself against the assault. Nonetheless, solid care groups are required toward this path, be that as it may, numerous Turkmen, ladies and kids will be forfeited.

The affiliation was disturbed when a delegate of the nearby pioneer, Fateh, showed up before the affiliation, making extreme wounds them. The affiliation shaped an exceptional association to assume control over the force of the primary provincial delegates possessed by Fateh. The authority report of the supported unit expressed that Fateh was excused from his situation as delegate top of the district. He clarified that he was blamed for Otto’s homicide and would not get back to work until the case was lifted, on the grounds that he couldn’t help contradicting the top of the acting division. Fateh and his companions will keep on hurting the deceitful relationship of psychoactive activists, whether or not this force is wrested from them. Parveen concurred that attempting to stop Fateh would not be fitting to grab Yildez to kill him. How might Fatah discover an answer after this load of occasions?

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