Teskilat Episode 51 urdu and english subtitles

In Previous episode he says Don’t deliver them here, take care. I do not have any concept wherein they are. However, I’ll proportion with you a few thing greater vast than weaponry. These information are crucial; what is going on to I acquire in return? Bring it and all of us with you. You’re in for a certainly attempting period. Agreements were made with the useful resource of using a few nations. I speak to structure.

The United States will constitute the organization. They’ll create a state, in different words. The biggest step withinside the path of attaining our sovereignty would possibly be this. Right now, there might also additionally be no manner to move away this location. It would possibly be created that state. And all you’ll do is gaze.

Additionally, it is going to have a consultant withinside the different nations. The United States would possibly be answerable for protective our state. Who would possibly be that spokesperson? There hasn’t but been any dialogue of precise names. Who is executing this plan, then? Who do you receive as proper with can create prestigious visitors We have unhappy information regarding the assault at the olive department nowadays as quickly as greater.

May Allah display them mercy. It is our responsibility to genuine justice for our martyrs. John, my near brother, is likewise present. Ami, you’ve had an awesome day. Also yours, daughter. You want to have a girlfriend, right? Does that suit a Turkish soldier? Why can’t a soldier from Turkey fall in love? – No, sweetheart. Decide for yourself, then. – Brother John, thanks for coming. – Thanks. Where is Corcot? – Where will or now no longer it is withinside the hallway. I’ll cross to him.



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