Mavera Episode 2 Urdu and English Subtitles

Mavera Episode 2
In Mavera Episode 1, The head of the scoundrels advises Ahmed to give up or he will send every one of his men to catch Mansor. Ahmed shows Dobeys the paper he took from Hamadani. Dobeys says he generally regards Hamadani and asks Yasawi what he will do in Baghdad. Ahmed says he will help individuals in Baghdad and inform them concerning Allah. Before Yasawi leaves, Dobeys inquires as to whether a conflict breaks out. Yasawi says he will be reasonable regardless of what occurs and goes. Dobeys orders his two men to keep an eye on Khwaja.

Mervan, the man responsible for the lodge, ponders why Hamadani sent a man and stresses over what’s to come. Mervan reveals to them that they will not stand by unobtrusively and that he will take care of the new man. Ahmed comes to Baghdad with his companions. Ahmed is stunned by what he found around there and says that he will treat individuals here like a specialist treats the patient. Ahmed at that point goes to converse with the caliph first thing. Ahmed says that Dobeys assaulted them and he will assault Baghdad soon.

Ahmed goes to the nomades’ place that evening and expresses gratitude toward them for aiding Mansor. Ahmed stays there that evening and visits with migrants. Mervan covertly meets with Atif and reveals to him that Khwaja may be a perilous individual. Atif requests that Marwan control Ahmed. While Suleiman, the covert agent sent by Dobeys, meanders around the city that evening, Saltuk discovers him. Suleman discloses to Saltuk that he is allocated to follow Khwaja Ahmed. The following day, Ahmed examines the shops on the lookout and searches for a rental spot.

A few dealers attempt to help Ahmed. Ahmed discovers a shop, however the lease for this shop is high. Ahmed says he can’t manage the cost of that much cash. traders offer to pay the lease rather than Ahmed, yet Ahmed opposes this idea. Atif subtly goes to Leyla’s home and starts conversing with Dai there. Atif says Khwaja is a hazardous individual, yet Dai doesn’t trust him and couldn’t care less about Ahmed. Ahmed salvages a hoodlum kid and helps him.

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