Mavera Episode 4 Urdu and English Subtitles

In Mavera Episode 3, Sahsuvar says thanks to Ahmad for aiding Necip and tells him that people in this area want to take something illegally. Ahmad says that there is nobody who wants to steal something, so you don’t need to be afraid of that. Pehlivan saw the wooden sword made by Ahmad and told his companions not to be afraid of it. Merchant notices that all his shops are robbed in the market. Sahsuvar unites with Ahmad and he takes him around the Sazlik area. Ahmad observes appetite and poverty in that area. While Leyla is sitting with the young ladies in her home, she comes to know that all the shops in that area have been robbed. Mahmud is waiting for Ahmad in the carpentry workshop and wonders that where he would have been gone without informing anybody. Sahsuvar says he is not ready to do that. Ahmad says that he will not stop telling the truth in any case. Ahmad says he will try to take care of all the poor in Baghdad. Saltuk and Ahmad’s companions go to the Sazlik area to take Khwaja. Dai visits Dubeys and tells him to do his actions as faster as he can. Dubeys asks him continuously, but Dai says a man will come to converse with him. Mahmud says that the merchants have lost a great deal of property, so that they are not able to help them in that matter. Dai puts his knife around Dubeys’ neck because he wants to test the loyalty of his men. Dai at that moment gains some information about Dubeys’ covert agents. Saltuk later make aware of the Seljuk’s commander concerning Khwaja’s experience. Saltuk asks when they will assault Dubeys. Dai begins conversing with Dubeys’ agents and gets some information about them. That evening Khwaja goes to the tribe of migrants. Shipper Tarik goes to chapel to get some medicine’s for his child. The cleric expresses gratitude toward Tarik for his assistance to the congregation and tells him that he will ask him something at the right time. Atif calls Marwan and starts to incite him against Ahmad. Ahmad wants to return the handkerchief to the daughter of the man whom they protected from danger, but she says that you don’t need to return that. Atif says that Ahmad will make more serious threats due to which the status of the lodge will be harmed. Atif says that Mervan is the only dervish of the lodge. He also says that there is no need to take Khwaja into the hotel.

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