Mendirman Jalaluddin Episode11 Urdu English Subtitles

Mendirman Jalaluddin Series:
The TV course of action revolves around the presence of Jalaluddin Mangobardi, child of Allauddin Muhammad of the Khwarzmians Empire, and how he stood up to Genghis Khan of the Mongol Empire close by the bothers in his own state including the fight for the seat between his father and grandmother Terken Khatun. At that point, he moreover fights to save a commandeered KutluBike, who is kept by Genghis Khan.

Episode 10 Review:
Jalaluddin went to Behram’s shop and invited him to his wedding. Behram was content with this hello and said that he would prepare dresses for KutluBike.
Terken Khatun found that Shireen’s mother was crippled and permitted to Shireen to visit her mother. Behram comprehended that Jalaluddin had dominated everything and taken an action to butcher him.
Terken Khatun found that Jalaluddin would after a short time marry KutluBike. While Allauddin was talking about Subutai, Terken Khatun came and said that she didn’t allow Jalaluddin’s marriage, yet the Sultan said it would happen.
Akshah uncovered to Jalaluddin that he saw KutluBike watching out and she achieved something strange. KutluBike by then mentioned that Jalaluddin save her. Uzlag said he would take Shireen to her mother.
Exactly when KutluBike was delivered off her room, she found that her kin would fail horrendously in case she didn’t kill Jalaluddin. Aycicek and Terken Khatun fought about the woman Jalaluddin chose for himself.
KutluBike said she expected to uncover to her secrets yet required more mental guts. After a short time, celebrations started in the palace. Jalaluddin conveyed KutluBike to the nursery of the palace and everyone gave them enrichments.
A short time later, Allauddin offered gold to the people who went to the imperial home. Sheik married KutluBike to Jalaluddin and engaged God for them.
Everyone in the imperial home started to eat. One of Behram’s men endeavored to kill Jalaluddin, anyway the guards got him. The catch of the worker who hurt the sherbet scared Behram and he endeavored to escape from the palace.
Timur al Mulk got Behram. Jalaluddin went to his room with KutluBike. Likewise as Jalaluddin planned to start bantering with KutluBike, KutluBike conceded everything and uncovered to him that she was an administration usable working for Genghis Khan.

Episode 11 Trailer:
Why are all these things being told to this child? Will Behram be sentenced to death for theft? Will all this go against the Prime Minister? Will the princess be punished or pardoned?

Mendirman Jalaluddin Episode11 Urdu Subtitles

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