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Mavera Episode 3 with English & Urdu Subtitles Free

Mavera is a Turkish historic drama television collection directed by means of Dogan Umit Karaca and co-written by Ibrahim Ethem Arslan and Mustafa Burak East. The collection ‘Mavera’, which tells the epic tale of Hace Ahmed Yesevi, the first known mystic of history meets the target market on TRT 1 displays each day in Ramadan. Mavera is about the struggle of Hace Ahmed Yesevi, who become sent to Baghdad by means of Yusuf Hemedani, in Baghdad.

Mavera Episode 2 Review:

In Mavera Episode 3, The dervishes inside their lodge are very disturbed by way of the recent activities. Dai then goes to the dungeon with Atif and asks the man there to kill himself. Dai’s disciple kills himself. Dai says that the responsible man confessed everything earlier than he died and that he became honestly a member of Sahsuvar’s gang. Saltuk disguises and is going to the Sazlik district. Khwaja tries to discover who the attacker is and talks to his friend Mahmud approximately it. Ahmad comforts his friend Mahmud.

Atif later mentions that Ahmad turned into protecting a thief. Saltuk is going to the lead man’s residence and asks why the thieves despatched a person to attack Ahmad. The guy denies this accusation and begins to fight with Saltuk. Meanwhile, the soldiers sent by Atif come to the thieves’ neighborhood.

Pehlivan says the person who attacked Ahmad was a thief, however Khwaja does not accept as true with it. Leyla learns that someone attacked Ahmad, however she does not consider that Sahsuvar did the sort of component. Nomads learn about what befell to Ahmad and visit visit him. Ahmad then invites each person to talk. Khwaja tells a story about the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and Abu Bakr running far away from the attackers and hiding in a cave that night. Ahmad then starts talking approximately the brotherhood and explains how essential it is miles. Mervan starts to be disturbed by way of what Ahmad is telling. Sahsuvar talks to everyone inside the community that night and says that they will take revenge for what the infantrymen have done.

Sahsuvar sends all the thieves to the shops inside the market and the homes of the wealthy to get revenge. Ahmad had a dream that night. In Ahmad’s dream, Hamadani starts speakme to him and says that the assignment in Baghdad could be very hard. Hamadani asks Ahmad to in no way surrender. Ahmad takes the wood sword in his hand and the sword cuts off his hand. Hamadani asks Ahmad to trust. Ahmad then wakes up and is going out. Ahmad reveals a tree and cuts it down. Ahmad works all nighttime and makes a sword from that tree. Sahsuvar catches Ahmad.

Mavera Episode 3 Trailer:

Mavera series will officially displayed by TRT on each day in Ramzan started from 12th April 2021. Episode 3 will be on air on 14th April 2021. You can see the Mavera episode in English and Urdu subtitles free of cost from here. Mavera episode 3 trailer is also available on our facebook page.

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