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Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 25 Urdu and English

Great Seljuk:
The series is full of entertainment and also tells about the lessons that we have to learn from history. MalikShah not wanting to believe that Tekis is a traitor, despite it being written all over his smug little face, I thought was a nice touch of a very relatable flaw we all have.

Review of Episode 24
In Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 24, Malik Tapar discloses to Basulu mother that he knows about the matter. Basulu Hatun says she thoroughly took care of the state and MalikShah. Since Tapar was left without a mother for quite a long time, he blew up with Basulu mother and set out to get back to the castle. Sencer attempts to quiet Basulu mother and afterward embarks to finish his central goal. The fighters sent by the sovereign assault the Beys who are waiting for Sencer. While the Byzantine warriors encompass Arslantas, Turna Hatun and her troopers come to help. Sencer at that point shows up and discovers that the Beys have been murdered. Basulu Hatun talks to Nizam al Mulk and mentions to him what Tapar did? Nizam al Mulk stresses over what Tapar could do, he discovers that Byzantine soldiers murdered the Turkmen Beys. Malik Tapar sits someplace in the backwoods and thinks everybody is a liar. Nizam al Mulk gets back to the castle and discloses to Zubeyde Hatun that Tapar picked up everything.

Malik Tekis addresses Tajul Mulk and discloses to him that he doesn’t get the worth he merits. Zubeyde Hatun stops Malik Tapar and says she wants to tell him something. Nizam al Mulk says that the situation isn’t yet reasonable for the real factors to arise. Malik Tapar says that his father should know the reality, however, Zubeyde Hatun says that Gawher attempted to open Basulu’s grave. Hassan Sabbah furtively talks to the traders indeed and concocts an arrangement with Faysal. Some Turkmen Beys tell the Sultan that Sencer is blameworthy, yet MalikShah says them to wait until the situation becomes clear. Malik Tapar doesn’t tell to Sultan. MalikShah says Nizam al Mulk to send aid to the Kinik tribe. As Tapar leaves the room, he blows up at Nizam al Mulk. Zubeyde Hatun says that Tapar will be furious for some time, yet then he will get back to normal as usual. Sencer needs to send Tekis a message from the Prince’s to uncover the traitor.

Count Albert gets down to business and talks to Imam Ghazali. Albert gets some information about the significance of life and wonderful living. Imam Ghazali responds to Albert’s inquiries. Livia discloses to Sencer who the Byzantine fighter who went to the plain was and why she addressed him. Sencer requests that Livia do a few things to clear herself and accordingly plans to uncover Tekis’s injustice. Sencer at that point visits his mother and tells her that Tapar will be well soon. Basulu becomes ill on account of her sorrow. Turna Hatun attempts to help Basulu mother. Malik Tapar contemplates what Basulu mother has said while working in the workshop. That evening, a few groups sneak into Kuvel Castle and start to kill Byzantine soldiers.

The message sent by Livia arrives at Metheas. Metheas sends the Prince’s nearest man to meet Livia. Tajul Mulk reveals to Hassan Sabbah that Tapar’s mother may in any case be alive and that the Sultan may even have another child. While Tekis is talking with the Turkmens, Nizam al Mulk comes and orders them that they should go to Kuvel, however the Beys denied his order. Nizam al Mulk tells the Sultan MalikShah that the Turkmens contradicted the order and that Tekis guarded them. Malik Tapar sends a note to Basulu mother and goes to the gathering place. The Metheas men meet with Livia and say that he wants to take her to the Castel. Sencer needs to settle on a decision to get the name of the traitor. Malik Tapar meets Basulu mother and asks about her health. MalikShah goes to Tekis’s tent and becomes furious with the Turkmen. While Tapar apologizes to his mother. Turna Hatun watches them from a far distance. Hassan Sabbah sees Turna Hatun and Tapar talking to Basulu Hatun.

What would be the next upcoming episode tells about the Sencer’s reaction to Turkmen? What would MalikShah do? To resolve these queries keep watching the Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 25.

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