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Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 24 Urdu and English

Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu:

Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu is a Turkish historical drama and fiction TV series. It tells the tale of the Seljuk Empire structure, political events, and wars. The display depicts the upward thrust of the Seljuks beneath Neath Sultan MalikShah and his son Ahmad Sencer, later Sultan of the Seljuk Empire. Furthermore, it makes a specialty of their struggles and battles in opposition to Hassan Sabbah, chief of the Order of Assassin who appears to repair the Fatimid Caliphate, and additionally in opposition to the Byzantine Empire and fellow rival states who are searching to weaken the Seljuks.

Episode 23 Review:

In Episode 23, the prince desires to meet with the Sultan to take the holy spear.  Malik Tapar then speaks to his spouse and starts off evolving to suppose that the Seferiye Hatun had advised the truth. Tekis calls a number of the Beys in Anatolia to the looking tent and attempts to speak to them approximately the country, however, the Beys inform him that the country is fine. MalikShah orders the workshop to be rebuilt and asks Sencer to dispose of Markus’ closing men. Meanwhile, the letter dispatched with the aid of using the Prince arrives at the palace.

Nizam tells the Sultan that Sencer will marry quickly and Malik Tapar asks MalikShah to visit the marriage. Hassan Sabbah secretly keeps going to households inside the town and tells them approximately the Fatimids’ faith. Soon Faisal is going to his father and says that Ghazali is likewise speaking to the public. Hassan Sabbah says he wishes the Prince’s guide to damage MalikShah’s reputation. MalikShah orders the convoy going to the Hajj (pilgrimage) to be covered with the aid of using the squaddies and is going to satisfy the Prince. Faisal desires to provide Ghazali gold for the brand new madrasah, however, Ghazali does now no longer be given gold due to the fact he now no longer apprehends him.

In Episode 23, the prince gives MalikShah 3 chests of gold in alternate for the sacred spear, however, the Sultan refuses and asks him to withdraw from the locations he occupied inside the Black Sea. The prince vehemently rejects this offer. While Basulu Hatun is cooking for the marriage, Malik Tapar arrives and begins to evolve speaking to her. As the Prince’s squaddies are approximate to assault MalikShah, Hassan Sabbah stops him. Hassan Sabbah says now that it changed into a mistake to make an assault and they needed to do something else to damage MalikShah’s reputation.

Sencer and Turna Hatun sooner or later get married. Hassan Sabbah tells the Prince that they may assault the convoy going to the Hajj and thereby doing fantastic harm to MalikShah’s reputation. Malik Tekis arrives even as Sencer’s pals have fun with the marriage with the aid of using conventional dances. Since Tekis isn’t always invited to the marriage, he creates problems, however, Nizam al Mulk after which Malik Tapar opposes him. Later, Malik Tekis becomes indignant with the Turkmen Beys, however, the Beys warn him harshly this time. Sultan orders Tajul Mulk to accompany the Hajj organization to an event.

In Episode 23, Khayyam informs MalikShah approximately the brand new calendar he’s preparing. Zubeyde Hatun tells the Sultan what Tekis did at the marriage. Shortly after, information comes that there has been an assault at the Hajj birthday celebration and that everybody besides Tajul Mulk died. MalikShah realizes that the Prince did this and right away is going to speak to Tajul Mulk. The Sultan asks Tajul Mulk what befell and receives indignant with Nizam al Mulk for now no longer amassing sufficient facts from the spies. Terken Hatun realizes that Tajul Mulk can’t retain his studies on Basulu Hatun and makes a decision to do that on her own. Arslantas learns that Markus’ squaddies killed a few Alps and started off evolving to analyze this business.

In reaction to this assault, MalikShah desires to ship the Turkmen Beys across the Kuvel Castle and right away sends this information to Sencer. Malik Tapar first asks Zubeyde Hatun approximately the marriage of his brother Berkyaruq after which a few assets of the dynasty. As Markus’ squaddies are approximately to kill Levia, Arslantas unearths the Christian squaddies and rescues Levia. Tekis learns of Sultan’s new venture to Sencer and becomes jealous of him. Terken Hatun asks Gawher Hatun questions on Basulu Hatun and learns new things.

In Episode 23, Tekis tells the Prince that Sencer will surround Kuvel with the Turkmen and asks him to kill Sencer. Zubeyde Hatun stops Terken and Gawher Hatun whilst they’re approximate to open the tomb of Basulu Hatun. Terken Hatun says that she did this to locate the truth, however, Zubeyde Hatun tells her that she can be able to get hold of the punishment she merits whilst she returns to the palace. When the prince returns to the castle, he learns that MalikShah has dispatched returned the holy spear and blesses his squaddies with this spear. When the prince sits on his throne, he starts off evolving to cough and tremble.

Episode 24 Trailer:

How will Sencer show that Tekis is a traitor? Is Tekis left any clue? Will Sultan MalikShah, Sencer, and Alps seize and kill him? Malik Tekis set a lure for sultan MalikShah? Will Turkman leaders assault Sencer?

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