Kurulus Osman Episode 50 Urdu and English

Kuruluş Oşman is a television drama arrangement recorded in Turkey, performed by Mehmet Bozdağ with Burak Özçivit. It focuses on the existence of Oşman, creator of the Ottoman Empire. It is the continuation of Diriliş Ertuğrul, which revolved around the existence of Ertuğrul, Oşman’s father, played by Engin Altan Düzyatan.

In episode 49 of Kuruluş Oşman, Oşman says that Geyhatü sent Toğaay to stop the meeting to be held the next day. Umer says that he is eagerly looking for new terrain, however Malhün asks him to be cautious. Oşman addresses Savçi about the execution of Flatyos and discovers that Dündar incited him on this matter. Toğaay covertly goes to Petrus’s tent and reveals to him that he has an arrangement to start a conflict between the Turks. Savçi goes with his baby and reveals that his name is Ertugrul. Lena at that time says that she needs to visit Sheikh Edebali and talk to him. The moment Savçi asks her what good reason she needs to visit Sheik, Lena responds that she currently needs to be Muslim.

Oşman orders that all the people who go to the meeting be unarmed. After a short time, Umer and Malhün head to the hotel. The ancient Beys greeted by Oşman go to the hotel. Oşman invites his visitors and the meeting begins. Toğaay visits Petrus again and receives a small toxic beam from him. Petrus at that point shows the barrel loaded with black powder to Toğaay. Oşman stands up and shows the guide in the meeting room. Oşman says they will overcome Inegül Castle. Toğaay at that point moves towards the hotel using the passages that Petrus excavated under the city. Oşman says that in order to hold onto Bursa, they should initially attack Inegül. Oşman says that new victories will bring new gains and offers guidance for the Beys. Toğaay sneaks into the motel kitchen. Oşman says that Inegül’s teacher is in Constantinople and they can take advantage of this opportunity. Oşman offers to join all the Turkish soldiers.

The soldiers take the Beys out of the hotel and start looking for the assailant. Umer understands that he is biting the dust and asks Malhün to be the pioneer of the clan. Oşman unites each of his fighters and explodes with them. At that moment, Oşman inspects the damaged bolt and sees the indication of a Turkish clan that did not attend the meeting. Some Beys who go to the meeting complain about Oşman’s rush. While Oşman plans to go to the Dodurga clan, Malhün exploits him and complains about what happened.

Toğaay meets Petrus in the woods and makes new arrangements to cause more damage to Oşman. Malhün joins his officers and discovers that the Dodurga clan is responsible for this episode. Malhün says that he will hand over his retribution to Ivaz. When Malhün is about to leave the motel, Bala stops her and reveals that Oşman will do what is important. Later, Oşman accompanies Ivaz and reveals to him that he is innocent. At that moment, Oşman talks to different Beys and tries to convince them. Oşman says that the Turks need an extraordinary and incredible state. The Beys choose to stay after tuning in with Oşman. Umer wakes up progressively and asks who did this.

Oşman says that the current circumstance is normal, however, in any case, he will plan something to discover the cheater. That night, Oşman advises Dündar and Gündüz how to return the Beys to their clans. Dündar at that time talks to Hazel and says that her arrangement was fruitful. Hazel is extremely happy with this news. Dündar thinks of an approach to tell the merchants that Oşman will make sure of the Beys. Bala talks to Oşman and tries to comfort him.

The next morning, Malhün prepares the fighters for him and needs to search for Toğaay. Then, Oşman arrives and notices that everything is ready to take the Beys away. Oşman tells Malhün that he should stay with his father, however, after Oşman leaves the hotel, Malhün goes to find Toğaay. Toğaay plays a custom in the forest where they take cover and says that someone is approaching. Toğaay later discovers that Oşman is on his way with the Beys and plans an assault. Oşman chooses to rest somewhere after advancing in the woods for some time and is confident that Toğaay will attack. As Malhün tries to find his way through the forest, the Mangolian fighters storm out of nowhere. Toğaay stops the fighters from him and says that he realizes that Malhün will attack. Petrus brings Toğaay the data he obtained from Dündar about the Oşman arrangement. Only Toğaay attacks Malhün’s warriors and kills them individually.

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