Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu

Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 3 with Urdu and English Subtitles

In an Episode of Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu 3, Seljuk soldiers were attacked when Elcin was taken to the capital. Melik Shah goes to his wife’s grave and tells Nizam al-Mulk that he wants to see his son.


Selcuklu Episode 3

Nizam al-Mulk is trying to object to Sultan, but Malik Shah says there are no longer any risks to the state and repeats his request. Further sanjar understood the danger beforehand and left behind several of his soldiers. Malik Shah says he’s no longer young and wants to see his son soften his conscience. Malik Shah’s only wish is to see his son before he dies.

Elcin and Seljuk

Further soldiers Sanjar and Seljuk are starting to fight. The Seldzuks won a long war. As soldiers Elcin and Seljuk progress towards the palace, Sanjar follows the attackers. Nizam al-Mulk once again warns Melik Shaha and advises him not to see his son. Sultan and Nizam al-Mulk argue. After Malik Shah resolves the Turkmen question, he orders Nizam to bring his son.

Tapar and Elcin

Sanjar grabs one of the attackers and asks who gave him the order. Meanwhile, Tapar and Elcin arrive at the palace. Hassan realizes that the trap they set was useless and asks Tapar how he survived. Malik Shah learns that his son has been injured, and visits him immediately. Tapar tells his father what happened. Sultan Malik Shah is very angry about this and calls elcina to himself.

Elcin’s soldiers

Further in an Episode of Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu 3, Sultan Melik Shah takes the sword. Elcin puts his head on the table where she will be executed, but Malik Shah will not kill her. Clearly, Elcin is telling the truth. Malik Shah admits that Elcin is innocent, but blames Elcin’s soldiers for the attack. Malik Shah says there are evidence and orders for all armies to prepare for the coming war in Anatolia.

Elcin Hatun

Elcin Hatun will now remain in the palace and the Turkmen tribe will be ruled by a governor. Elcin doesn’t like this decision, but there is nothing they can do. After the meeting, Nizam al-Mulk warns the sultan again, saying that the emergence of a new heir will cause new problems. Malik Shah resents him and orders his order to be fulfilled.

Seferiye Hatun

Further Seferiye Hatun visited Elcin and said again that she was innocent. Terken is very uncomfortable with Elcin staying in the palace, and he thinks there is another reason for this incident. Sanjar hands over the body of the spy he captured to soldiers from the palace and goes to talk to Nizam. Sanjar’s mother falls ill and passes out. Nizam and Sanjar allude to the future of the state. Sanjar says he will infiltrate the Fatimas and reveal everything.

Sanjar thinks

Nizam tries to stop him, but Sanjar does not disobey. Sanjar leaves the swords that Nizam gave him and goes out. The Fatimas leader says he will take over the economy, education, and culture to take over Seldzuk. Turna tries to cure a sick child, but all the medicines he takes will not work. Sanjar goes to the Kinik Plain and discovers that his mother is ill. Sanjar thinks that Turna can heal her mother and that she will look for her.

Elcin’s soldiers

Further in Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 3, Nizam al-Mulk asks Sanjar how his mother is doing and gives a secret message. Leader Fatimids meets Hassan in secret. Hassan will learn from his new assignments and says he will work on climbing to higher positions at the palace. Sanjar waits with his mother all night thinking about Turn. Ilteber gets mad at Turn and says he had an argument with Nizam over her. While Melik Shah films the training at the palace, Elcin addresses him and starts talking. Melik Shah holds an arrow in Elcin’s hand and asks him to shoot. This is the Whole Story behind Episode 3 of Seljuk Season. Hope to find the knowledge and know history from our stories.

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