Kurulus Osman Episode 41 with English and Urdu subtitles

Kurulus Osman Episode 41 in the previous episode of Kurulus Osman, Nikola was furious as he acknowledged that they needed more soldiers. Osman went to his father’s grave; there, he came across two Christians disguised as Muslims. They told Osman that his father was their savior.
Kurulus Osman Episode 41 before Jirga, Alina motivates Savçi for being an intense contestent to take leadership of the tribe.


Osman’s Alp

Everyone was busy with their promotion. Osman’s alp requested people to be righteous while voting. Hazal also asks Dundar about his strategy. Later on, Saltuk told Hazal Khatoon that he had delivered gold to those respectful men to vote in Jirga. He ensures that they will vote in favor of Dundar bey. This news made her extremely happy. On the other hand, Goktug told Osman about the scheme of his uncle. He said that Saltuk had told them everything, so now Dundar bey would be in danger.

Abdullah bin Malik

The two men entered Soghut’s resthouse and talk to the owner named Abdullah bin Malik. There, it is revealed that they were Pope Patris and his companion while Abdullah was David. They were on a special mission to know about the secret relics of Ertugrul. They decided that it was Bamsi whom Ertugrul trusted the most. Moreover, Abdullah (David) told about the departure of Bamsi from the tribe at night. He followed him but could not find the place where Bamsi went.

Gonduz and Bamsi

The whole tribe was in chaos to know who becomes the next head of IYI. Dundar planned to cheat Savçi, and Gonduz and Bamsi were sure Osman would be the new head. Bamsi bey being the eldest and the most respectable person, he presided over the council, and everyone expressed their opinion. In the end, it was Savçi who was to share his opinion.

Hazal and Aygul

He named Osman, and this made his uncle go mad. Savçi had understood his uncle’s conspiracy, so he favored his brother. Furthermore, there was a contrast among the ladies of the tribe as well. Hazal and Aygul fought and were separated.

Osman’s Selection

Bamsi announced Osman as the next head of the IYI tribe after listening to everyone’s opinion and their reason for voting. Everyone bloomed after listening to this joyful news. Abdur Rehman and Bamsi were also happy with Osman’s selection, and this was the wish of Ertugrul as well, but Abdur Rehman refrained from telling this openly. He thought people might taunt Osman afterward by saying that he was the already chosen head.

Hazal and Dundar

It could create trouble in the tribe. There was a celebration at night, and everyone seemed extremely happy. Hazal and Dundar fought with each other. The same was the case with Savçi and Alina. Their son also came back in this episode. He was not happy when Osman selected Goktug as the leader of soldiers but not him.


Nikola had dinner with Pope Patris. He wanted to know what they are looking for because they asked Nikola for his alliance, and as a result, they would take Falyatus out of prison. In the tribe, some people helped Nikola finding the key to get rid of that prison. At the same time, Osman bey talks to Inal Sahab, who is anxious for the marriage of Osman and Targun. Bamsi told Osman about the relics and wanted to hand over those relics to the new head of the IYI tribe.

Osman Wants To Marry Targun

Let’s see whether Osman wants to marry Targun, or it is a plan. What will Falyatus do after his escape? To quench your thirst to know the relics and will Bamsi and Osman be able to reach Bamsi’s private place, keep following Historic Series.

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