Kurulus Osman Episode 38 with Urdu and English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Episode 38
Kurulus Osman is a series full of entertainment and have a lot for lessons to learn. These experiences are very helpful to solve difficult problems of life. This helps to accept challenges and fight with them bravely.

Review of episode 37

Kurulus Osman episode no 37 starts as the Osman and his Alps reach the castle. Further they find that Goktug is badly injured. Alps take him to the safe place. Osman and his Alps fight for the conquest. Nikola, Savci and Dundar are talking with each other. Helen runs to save his life but Osman begins to follow her. Yavluk is not ready to help Osman on any matter. Turks are about to conquer. Osman sends Ayaz to the tribe to tell about their conquest.

Ayaz and Flaytos

In his way to the tribe, he sees Flaytos on his way. He wants to kill Flaytos. There is a hard fight between Ayaz and Flaytos. At last, Flaytos kills Ayaz. Before his death he tells Flaytos about their success and recite Kalma Shadat then he closes his eyes. Bala tries to stop Helen but she runs away. Targun goes to the castles dungeon to save her father but she does not find her father there.

Byzantines Flag

Further osman runs his horse in the castle and takes off the Byzantines flag from the walls. Then he climbs the wall and gives the victorious speech. Boran and the Alps say that they will always remain with Osman in every matter. Osman goes to the Goktug and asks about his situation. Then, he hands over the castle to the Bamsi Bey. Bamsi Bey accepts this responsibility.

Beating Nikola

Savci is beating Nikola, meanwhile a messenger comes and tells them about the victory of Kuluchaisar. Yavlak Arslan is surprised and he decides that he would not cooperate with Osman because this movement of Osman angers Geyhatu. After the meeting, Yavlak makes a plan to take Cerkutay from Osman.

Hazal and Lena

Hazal and Lena make treacherous plan to harm Osman. Bamsi Bey in the castle gives a motivated speech to the Alps and also Azan is delivered by the Alp. Osman returns to the Tribe and gives good news to the people. He goes to Ertugrul Bey and tells him about the victory. He also tells him about his future plans. Ertugrul Bey becomes very Happy by hearing this news.

Flaytos, Helen and Nikola

Flaytos, Helen and Nikola meet in the forest. Nikola asks Helen that how she lose the castle. Nikola wants to kill Cerkutay. Bala tells Targun about Osman. Targun feels sorry for that. Bala tells that she is agreed for this marriage because Osman Bey wants a child. Later Osman tells her that he is agreed to marry Nikola because he is aware of the Nikolas plan. Selcan khatun comes and tells them about the Ayaz death. Osman fills with anger.

Ayaz is killed by Falyatos

Savci tells him that Ayaz is killed by Falyatos. Osman preys for Ayaz. Savci and Dundar wants beyhood after Ertugrul. Dundar says that Osman is hurdle in savcis way for boyhood. Dundar tells Hazal that Osman and Savci will fight each other so that he will become the Bey of IYI. Nikola goes to Inegol and talks with Targun .


Further nikola tells Helen that Bamsi should be killed. Nikola goes to Geyhatus tent and tells him about Osmans movement in Kuluchaisar. Moreover he tells that Osman goes against him. geyhatu orders his soldiers to tie nikola with the chair and send back. Targun sees a spy in the tribe and follows him. aygul follows Targun secretly in the forest. There is afight between Aygul and Targun.

Yavlak Arslan

Dundar helds a Beys meeting and it is discussed that their economic conditions are not so good. So the needs a new Bey. Yavlak Arslan wants to attack Osman. Further he sets a trap on his way. Osman knows about his conspiracy and attack Yavlak soldiers. Flaytos reaches and saves Yavlak. He wants to kill Osman, but Yavlak saves Osman from Flaytos. Then, Osman asks questions from Yavlak. Aygul asks Targun about secret message written on the paper. Bala says lets go back to the tribe. Osman says that our life is given by ALLAH so nobody can take it accept ALLAH ALMIGHTY.

Kurulus Osman Episode 38

Further will Osman accept Yavalk Arsalan whole-heartedly? Will they work togeather? Will Geyhatu punish them for the trap? What will be the plan of Targun? Will she tell them the truth? If you are glad to know about these queries you have to watch the Kurulus Osman episode 38.

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