Dastan Season 1 Episode 3 with Urdu and English Subtitles

Dastan Season 1 Episode 3 with Urdu and English Subtitles

The subsequent day, Balamir finds what passed off to Alpagu and gets every person out of his tent. Balamir entreats God to seize the accelerated area and in a bit even as sets off. The fighters instantly carry Alpagu to the palace the next morning. The palace expert takes out the bolts from Alpagu’s frame independently and includes his bodily issue. The professional says Alpagu misplaced a large load of blood and they are able to certainly hold on.

Right whilst Kaya will sit on his father’s favored role, Temur comes and prevents him. Temur says Alpagu isn’t lifeless but. Colpan is going to his father’s grave and tells him that Alpagu is dead. Meanwhile, Saltuk comes and says that Alpagu isn’t always useless yet. Saltuk says that the present day state of affairs is definitely suitable for buying Tutkun into the regal domestic.

In episode on historic collection, Kircicek pours poison on Alpagu’s wound and immediately leaves. Ece says Kamkadin will maintain a ceremony at noon. Balamir realizes that Alpagu goes to die and begins offevolved to attend calmly. Kircicek secretly tells Batuga that Kamkadin can not do some thing because she has already poisoned Alpagu. Batuga at once is going to his father’s room.

Kkiz and Batuga take out Kirac. Batuga binds Kirac’s hands with ropes and expresses what Akkiz did changed into a huge blend-up. Akkiz is acquainted with that Batuga can clearly talk and starts speaking with him. Akkiz attempts to interrupt the chains however falls flat. Mei gets some statistics approximately Kamkadin’s custom. Kamkadin says custom and penances are insufficient. Kamkadin then, at that element, tells her that she needs the blood of the management people.

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