Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 12 with Urdu and English Subtitles

Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 12 with Urdu and English Subtitles

In Barbaroslar previous episode, Pietro realizes that Oruj has run away with Ester, however doesn’t follow them because of the reality he nevertheless has the book. Isabel helps Isaac determine out who Yorgo is. Despina is irritated at the side of her father for not leaving Alexandria. Upon his go lower back to Alexandria, Hizir interrogates Esther however isn’t always capable of discover.
In Barbarosalar (Barbarossa) episode 12 Isaac tells Oruj that he observed Yorgo within the marketplace and requested him some questions. Oruj first requested Despina a question after which went to Isabel. Pietro took Mohammed to his deliver and suggested him they can be in Rome as soon as feasible.
Pietro asks Silvio for a contemporary-day battleship to shield Mohammed and goes to Karpathos, in which he thinks it is safe. Oruj assigns truly one in every of his guys to explore the gold within the motel. As she exams her father’s new files, Isabel sees that Unita has given numerous warships new missions and turns into very suspicious of the state of affairsietro is going to Silvio’s workplace and asks him to find out where Mohamed’s engineer is.
Diego tries to warn Pietro before he is going to Rome. The subsequent day, Isabel says that Unita will deliver severa warships to Karpathos after which to Rome. Oruj understood in which Muhammad and the ebook have been. As Oruj Isabel listened, Yorgo noticed it and deliberate to inform Despina approximately it. Isaac snuck up on Yorgo and stabbed him
Asia goes to Oruj’s house and tells Despina that Yorgo end up killed inside the marketplace. Oruj and his brothers prepared for conflict and set sail. Despina sees her father’s and blames Isabel for the incident. Isabel says she is harmless, but Despina falls down the stairs at some stage in an issue. Dervish prays that Oruj and his pals will be successful. Oruj and the sailors reached the island
In Barbaroslar (Barbarossa)Episode eleven, Oruj located out that the form of Christian infantrymen modified into too massive and asked his friends to take a protective function. Burak Reis came to the island all at once and stated he may want to assist Turkey on behalf of the Ottoman Empire. Pietro modified into very surprised and ran again to his boat with Mohammed. Hizir catches Pietro on board and begins a fight with him. Thanks to Burak, Oruj won the war. Burak said the Ottoman Empire may want to not forget what Oruj did. Hizir injures Pietro and throws him from the deliver into the sea.

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