Dastan Season 1 Episode 15 with Urdu and English Subtitles

Dastan Season 1 Episode 15 with Urdu and English Subtitles

Dastan Episode 15
Previous Episode Review
In past episode, Ece said that Colpan would kill Tegins. Akiz says Khan’s teenagers are now alive and Kolpan needs to make an arrangement. Meanwhile, Kolpan talks with Khan’s child and lets them know what happened quite a while before. Danis says the bosses are all set to the mountains. As he put on his security, Khan saw that the paper he had concealed there was absent.
Batuga discreetly goes to the prison and asks Akkiz for what reason did he return to the royal residence. Akiz said that Balamir put out a catch for Nagel and Teginas. Batuga grasps that Balamir should be a motel and courses out through a mystery burrow with Akiz. Sirma Khatun gives Batuga Khan a piece of paper and lets him know that he will not be get the seal. Batuga says that Balamir Yabgu shouldn’t pass on, yet Akkiz clashes.
Alpagu says he will permit Doug to exchange now, yet Colpan needs more. Alpagu lets Kolpan know that he will have projecting a surveying structure opportunities in the get-together and welcomes him to the castle. Some solid bey comes to Balamir’s tent and requests that he show Alpagu’s shortcoming. Edge referenced that Akiz leave the castle, yet Akiz got back to his room without saying anything.
Alpagu says they obliged with Doug for a year and Kolpan will go to a hunting party. Kolpan says Tutkun will wed Kaya. Balamir considered a game-plan to seek after Hunting Holidays and edified his saints about it. Kun Ata saw Khan’s actual issue and alluded to the flavors expected for the medication. Khan said he was unable to consider the medication he really wanted right presently taking the hunting occasion.
Precisely when Kircicek got back to his room, he saw Akkiz. Akiz says he isn’t catch and Balamir will follow teginas. Kircichek battles with Akiz yet is crushed. Akiz then, at that point, goes to Colpan khan tent yet can’t track down anybody there. Batuga says Colpan could have gone to chat with Saltuk.
Akiz said he expected to go hunting with Kaya and asked Khan’s consent. Kircicek goes to Gunseli’s room and gives him noxious substance to kill Tutkun. Kircicek says he essentially needs to escape from the celebrated home and asks Gunseli for help. Balamir’s tactical sought after Akiz and Kaya first. Different fighters begin seeking after Temur. The competitors that Akkiz brought from Doug saved him.
This coming episode will be on air on March 16, 2022. Are you intrigued to see the next move of Akiz and Batuga? Will Batuga be able to escape from his father and council decision? Will Akkiz and Batuga Kill Balamir in next episode? To watch all these facts visit our website www.HistoricSeries.com


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