Alp Arslan buyuk selcuklu

Alp Arslan buyuk selcuklu Episode 17

Alp Arslan buyuk selcuklu Episode 17

Alp Arslan Episode 17
Previous Episode Review
In past episode, Alparslan asked to Sehver, yet couldn’t sort out a single thing from her. Sehver sent her family and father from her palace since she was frightened by Bozan. Alparslan saw something sketchy and returned into the palace through a confusing underpass. Caghri met with Tughrul and encouraged him to do what should be done well away.
Tughrul said they need to gather every one of the significant subtleties first. Once more bozan got Alparslan in the palace while subtly bantering with Sehver, and drove him out of the imperial home. The for the most part’s holy people truly explored each of the rooms in the palace and observed a story covering with a mystery code on it. Diogenes said that the Turks traded their data consequently and started to look at each selling floor covering watching. At Bozan’s business, Sehver went to the clan and referred to all her family to stay away from the regal home. While Sehver was leaving the tent, she covertly tossed a piece of paper on the ground.
Diogenes researched a dealer and figured out Akinay’s name from the quick overview he had. Diogenes then, at that point, went to appropriate Akinay with a piece of his managers. Suleiman acquainted the sales from Sehver with a chief at the bleeding edge . In this manner, Alparslan handily advanced across the wild and sought after where the Shehzades were. While Alparslan was killing the comedians, Bozan found everything. Bozan said that now he expected to take the city and send his contenders to each place in the city. While going over the mystery message on the floor covering, Akinay saw that Alpagut was not dead
Karaca went over what was shaped on that paper and went to converse with Bozan straight away. Bozan said he would make Suleiman Sultan. Whenever Karaca returned to the family, she let Suleiman in on where the Shehzades were and convinced him to seek after this open doorway. Suleiman showed up at the royal residence and said he was supporting Bozan. Suleiman then, at that point, unnoticeably went to Sehver’s room and urged her to make a bearing to the contenders at the line.
This coming episode will be on air on March 15, 2022. Are you intrigued to see the next move of Alp Arslan? Will Amir Bozan kill the Cagri Bey or Sehvar Sulatn? Will Alp Arslan killed the Bozan in coming episode? How Alp Agut save his mother from Tekfur? To watch all these facts visit our website


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