Dastan Season 1 Episode 14 with Urdu and English Subtitles

Dastan Season 1 Episode 14 with Urdu and English Subtitles

Dastan Episode 14
Previous Episode Review
In previous episode, Saltuk takes Batuga to his room according to popular demand of Alpagu. Batuga starts looking for a technique for saving Akkiz, but Saltuk asks him why he revealed his genuine person. While Batuga and Saltuk are battling, Temur comes. Saltuk tells the genuine variables to Temur. Temur acknowledges what Batuga has been doing this time. Saltuk says that congress will start the court soon, yet Batuga says that notwithstanding happens, he won’t get away from the palace. Calayir goes to the jail and says that Akkiz will go to the court as a spectator. Vargi figures Batuga will tell the truth with all, but the minister says he is too splendid to even think about evening consider following through with something like this. Colpan encourages Alpagu that she wants to speak with Batuga. Meanwhile, Batuga comes to the illustrious chamber and says he would prefer not to banter with his aunt. Batuga continues to talk and says he is fit to be judged.
Colpan tells Balamir what happened in the palace and Alpagu’s region. Batuga and Saltuk practice swordplay all through the evening. Alpagu dreams of Tilsim and after a short time stirs. Alpagu leaves to return to the imperial home, but Balamir’s officers attack him. Alpagu, yet irksome, defeats these aggressors and advances forward with his way.
Akkiz begins to explain that Batuga can talk and why he covered it. Akkiz says Batuga is chaste and he is endeavoring to protect Khan. Batuga needs Alpagu to represent the requests. Alpagu discloses why he endeavored to kill Batuga years earlier. Batuga objects to what Khan said. Batuga surveys that Balamir misled everyone. Batuga tells that Alpagu really has the grand situation by virtue of his secret exercises. Akkiz maintains what Batuga said. Alpagu asks Batuga justifiably he revealed his character ensuing to covering reality this time.
Kaya goes to the room where the chamber people are and impacts their decision by examining the trade on the silk road. Mei says Batuga is particularly dangerous person. Minister says Batuga will not reveal reality concerning China and goes to the jail to banter with Akkiz. The minister demands that Akkiz tell all that Batuga knows and admit to her the region of the secret tunnel. Akkiz rejects this recommendation. Saltuk says the board has picked and takes Batuga to the illustrious chamber.
Alpagu embraces his youngster one last time and becomes angry with him. Batuga asks his father not to blame anyone. Alpagu wishes Batuga had confessed all with all to his father. Batuga says he doesn’t actually acknowledge that his father and that his mother isn’t a trickster. Batuga says he really wants Akkiz to be there during the execution and gets back to his room. Alpagu finds that the executioner is ready for execution and goes to the regal chamber. Alpagu asks Akkiz why she conceded that she was the snare. Akkiz demands that Khan pardon Batuga and says she will admit to the insider realities. Khan doesn’t recognize this arrangement and orders the execution to begin.
The officials take Batuga from his room and take him to the imperial chamber. Alpagu gives the bow to the executioner. The executioner at the end puts the bow on Batuga Tegin throat. Batuga demands that Alpagu look at him and watch the execution. As the executioner will kill Batuga, Saltuk rises out of his disguising spot and attacks. Everyone in the illustrious chamber is shocked and endeavors to shield Khan. Saltuk starts to save Batuga and Akkiz. Batuga and Akkiz get Khan. Batuga says he isn’t leaving the palace and will return to this regal home notwithstanding. Batuga tells them that his father is no longer Alpagu and is threatening to him from here on out. Saltuk takes Kaya prisoner and usages him to advance towards the secret tunnel in the palace. Alpagu begins to follow them with his warriors.
Alpagu enters the secret entry and sees Batuga’s drawings on the dividers. Kun Ata takes Batuga and Akkiz to a safer spot. Akkiz ends up being incensed with Batuga for not encouraging her his game plan to escape from the palace and asks him what will happen to her partners. Batuga goes to a tent and tells Akkız that he has gotten Mei. The cleric comprehends that Mei has been gotten and rapidly takes action to get her covered. Balamir sorts out where Batuga is and rapidly edifies Alpagu. The next day, the cleric goes to the spot Akkiz told to get Mei back. Akkiz gives Mei to get his friend Sirma, Yaman and Tutkun back. The clergyman gives everyone beside Tutkun and escapes with Mei. Akkiz goes to the disguising spot in the woodlands with her colleagues and starts bantering with them. Meanwhile, Alpagu appears and arranges his champions to attack
This coming episode will be on air on March 08, 2022. Are you intrigued to see the next move of Batuga and Akkiz? Will Batuga Tegin and Akkiz can be escaped from Alpagu? Will Alpagu Khan kill his Son Batuga? How Batuga Tegin and Akkiz defeat Alpagu khan soldiers in fight? To watch all these facts visit our website www.HistoricSeries.com



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