Alp Arslan buyuk selcuklu

Alp Arslan buyuk selcuklu Episode 16

Alp Arslan buyuk selcuklu Episode 16 with Urdu and English Subtitles

In Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 16, Alparslan expected to sign a course of action with Diogenes to end the impediments, yet he didn’t uphold it. Sehver acknowledged what Batur said and began to expect that Bozan was a backstabber. Whenever Alparslan was made a beeline for the faction with the Governor, Nestor assigned them yet was unbeneficial.
While Lord was in conversation with Maria, Diogenes appeared and mentioned to get Ducas from the family. Sehver introduced to the secret house that Bozan went to and went there. Sehver saw a case overflowing with gold in the house and formed a letter to her soul mate right away. Caghri took the Governor to his tent and chatted with him for quite a while. Diogenes read the message coming from the Kaiser to the Governor of castle. Ace allotted Alpagut a mission to deal with the General. Bozan let Sehver in on that expecting anything happened to Sultan, Mesud ought to acknowledge the power.
Maria informed Alparslan about the Lord’s plan and thereafter went to talk with the Governor. Maria took the key from the guard and mentioned that the Governor escape into the woodlands. Alparslan sought after the Governor and saved him from the Byzantine Warriors eventually. Lead agent put forth a plan to Alparslan to kill Diogenes. Bozan kept the letter that Sehver stayed in contact with the Sultan and said the opportunity had arrived to come to charge.
Bozan Kidnapped all the Shehzades except for Mesud and sent a killer to kill the Sultan. Diogenes assaulted the headquarters, yet Alparslan appeared with the Governor. The lead agent didn’t keep to the course of action and said that the impediment would continue. Alparslan went to the forest area with all of his warriors that evening and started to cry. Dukas expected that the tremendous Turkish equipped power was coming and he wiped out the constraints. Caghri was happy that Yinal was saved, but due the crime of the Sultan, he went to see Sehver.
Alp Arslan episode 16 will be on air on March 07, 2022. Are you interested to see the next move of Alp Arslan against Byzantine and also against Emir Bozan? Will the secret of Emir Bozan be revealed to everyone? How Alp Agut save his mother from Byzantine Governor? Who will be thenext governor of Byzantine castle? To watch all these facts, visit our website


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