Dastan Season 1 Episode 12 with Urdu and English Subtitles

Dastan Season 1 Episode 12 with Urdu and English Subtitles

Previous Episode Review
In previous episode, Alpagu organizes a dedication administration for the contenders killed by Balamir and orders their internment. Alpagu then, arranges Kaya’s administration specialists to find Batuga at the earliest open door. Batuga awakens and comprehends that he is in a sinkhole. Batuga endeavors to remember how he got to this sinkhole and banters with Akkiz. Akkiz says she doesn’t remember anything. Meanwhile, Temur and Saltuk return to the cave.
Temur returns to the cave and starts asking Batuga requests. Batuga says he did everything to shield his kin. Temur says he jumps at the chance to give instead of living this deception and leaves the sinkhole again. Batuga begins to practice swordsmanship, which he acquired from Temur when he was almost nothing. In the initial segment of the day, Akkiz starts to plan with Batuga. After the fire, Tai spreads out one more headquarters in another piece of the forest.
Alpagu shows everyone the elevated place that Balamir has broken and says that he will declare Kaya the new Yabgu. Uzdu says that Kaya is natural. Kaya khan says that Uzdu helped Balamir Yubgu in his plan and Alpagu khan kills him. While Vargi will attack Akkiz, Temur comes. Akkiz starts looking for her mates in light of Borte. Vargi drops the attack and starts chasing after them again. Tutkun demands that Yaman tell the truth with respect to Akkiz, but Sirma demands that he remain quiet.
Batuga says he really wants to get back to the palace now and prepares to leave. Alpagu returns to the regal home after the capacity and says that Calayir will take Tayangu’s position. Kaya’s administration specialists convey something explicit say that they really haven’t found Batuga. Alpagu ends up being particularly enraged with the public authority agents and solicitations that Kaya kill them. Alpagu goes to the room of his son Batuga and started to break things in anger.
Ece goes to banter with Alpagu again and tells him that Akkiz is a paw. Alpagu demands that Ece keep this information hidden and never talk in regards to it. Ece neglect to truly see what is going through Alpagu’s mind, but says she will submit to his solicitation. Temur returns to the regal home with Batuga. First Calayir embraces Batuga and a while later Alpagu. Akkiz slips into the regal home and watches Batuga from a far distance. Saltuk says he saved Batuga from Balamir’s men.
After Temur leaves the room, Akkiz comes and asks how she should save her mates. The clergyman demands that Akkiz report to everyone in the palace that she is a snare. Colpan returns to the group and tells Balamir what Alpagu has done. Balamir then, talks with Uzdu’s youngster and impels him against Alpagu. While Batuga is talking with Kircicek, Alpagu comes. Alpagu tells Batuga that he is extraordinarily lamented with respect to what happened. Batuga then, returns to the secret tunnel in the regal home and begins to practice swordsmanship with Akkiz.
Akkiz goes to Khan’s room and tells everyone there that she is a paw. Alpagu is very astounded and unavoidably says that Akkiz should be executed immediately. Batuga comprehends that Akkiz will fail horrendously and begins walking around the nursery of the imperial home. Batuga shows up when Alpagu will orchestrate his troopers to do the execution. Batuga orders the officials to slacken Akkiz. Ece says that Batuga should fail horrendously since he deceived Khan. Alpagu goes to his kid and cries a dab. Batuga demands a fair fundamental and says Akkiz is an eyewitness for his case.
This coming episode will be on air on February 22, 2022. Are you intrigued to see the next move of Batuga and Akkiz? What will be the reactions of the Gok Sultant after finding out that Batuga can speak? How Batuga save Akkiz from death? To watch all these facts visit our website www.HistoricSeries.com


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