Alp Arslan buyuk selcuklu

Alp Arslan buyuk selcuklu Episode 14

In preceding episode, Alp Arslan enters the headquarters collectively alongside together along with his squaddies after the big explosion. Maria tries to kill the wounded soldier. Lord notices Alp Arslan’s attack. The fashionable right away goes to the headquarters to save you the Turks. The lord goes to see the wounded soldier but sees that he’s already dead. Alp Arslan kills the Byzantine squaddies one with the resource of the use of one. On the way to destination, the Turks asulted him on the way. Diogenes asks the General to head again. Alp Arslan closes the place and says that it now belongs to the Turks. Lord realizes Alp Arslan’s real plan and gets angry with Maria. Alp Arslan then hangs the Seljuk flag on the wall of the headquarters.

Alp Arslan then sends a message to the Lord saying that he’s aware about that he’s the simplest who attacked the tribe years ago. A few squaddies of Alp arslan secretly go to the palace. The Sultan talks to the ones squaddies and learns that Alp Arslan has taken over the headquarters. Atabey then goes to the grave of his partner after years and prays for her. Alp Arslan ultimately goes to his mother’s grave and tells him that this land is now the residence of the Turks. When the general returns to the citadelress, he attacks Alp Agut, but the Lord tells him that he’s a devoted soldier. Lord starts offevolved offevolved to consider wherein Alp Arslan have been given such a number of explosives and realizes that he’s despite the fact that walking with the Seljuks. Lord makes a plan to reveal that Alp Arslan changed into walking with the Seljuks and summons an alchemist to the citadelress. The Turks with inside the tribe start the celebrations. Diogenes goes to the headquarters and says he wants to make a peace treaty with Alp arslan. Diogenes says the Lord needs peace and invites him to the citadelress. The Lord asks Alp arslan for 1000 horses and five thousand arrows for peace.

The alchemist entails the citadelress and shows the Lord the very powerful poison he has prepared. Alp arslan accepts this offer and says that a Byzantine is probably a prisoner with inside the headquarters until the agreement is signed. The Sultan’s squaddies hold to question the attacker they captured. Bozan entails the palace and says that Alparslan changed into right about the attackers. Sultan does now not allow Bozan to participate with inside the interrogation and sends him again. Sultan can’t studies a few element about Natik and says that this attacker will go to a few different dungeon tomorrow. Selcan calls Akca and asks her if she wants to marry Alp arslan. Akcha tells that she loves someone else and go out of tent. That night, the Turks sit down down within side the headquarters and talk about a Turkish epic.

Diogenes says that Alp arslan needs a hostage. The Lord involves a selection to deliver Evdokya. Alp arslan wishes 1000 horses and five thousand arrows from the Sultan for the deal he’ll make. Sultan accepts this request and informs Caghri about it. Bozan learns that Seddat is probably taken to a few different dungeon and asks his bodyguards to attack. When Maria arrives at the citadelress, Alp agut tells her of the Lord’s plan. Maria says she may be capable of get the poison and the antidote. The lord goes to the kitchen of the citadelress and gives poison to Alp arslan’s food. Natik’s squaddies attack, but the Sultan stops them. Suleiman stabs Bozan with inside the hand, but can’t understand who he is. Maria told the takfur that Sultan will help Alp Arslan. The lord realizes that his plan is walking and sends his scout squaddies to the border location. Alp agut fights with Nestor. Lord comes out of his room to save you them.

Meanwhile, Maria tries to enter the Lord’s chamber, but can’t open the locked door. Caghri goes to headquarters and congratulates each person there. Caghri tells Alp arslan that the Sultan will help and goes to visit his partner’s grave. Alp agut says sorry to the takfur and returns to the room with him. Bozan goes to the tribe and talks to Suleiman. Suleiman sees the wound in Bozan’s hand and goes with him to the location of execution. Inal sees the help going to Alp arslan and starts offevolved offevolved to examine it. Evdokya goes to the headquarters and says that she may be capable of stay with the Turks until the agreement is signed. Alp arslan says that Evdokya is probably stable with inside the headquarters and devices out to go to the citadelress. Inal sees some Byzantine squaddies following the Turks withinside the forest.

Inal changes his plan and begins offevolved offevolved to examine the Byzantine squaddies. Lord welcomes Alp Arslan and offers him to dinner. Alp arslan goes to the ingesting hall with the Lord and says he needs to talk about the deal. Lord says they should devour first. Evdokya told Goktug and made plan to use him later. The servants withinside the citadelress take the poisoned food to Alp arslan. Lord asks Alp arslan to devour. Alp arslan starts offevolved offevolved to devour. The Sultan orders the execution and the horses of the squaddies byskip over the treacherous attacker many times. Sultan says that all traitors will die like this. Inal attacks and kills the Byzantine scouts with inside the forest. Khwaja says that the human beings with inside the palace talked about Inal giving statistics to the Caliph. Alp arslan starts offevolved offevolved coughing in some unspecified time in the future of the meal and tells the Lord the terms of the agreement.

Inal then goes to the palace and says he needs to talk to the Sultan. The Sultan says there are some traitors with inside the palace and they’ll be punished no matter what. Inal denies all the accusations and shows the heads of the Byzantine squaddies he killed to the Sultan. Sultan listens to Inal and changes his selection. Alparslan devices out with the Lord to head again to the headquarters after dinner.


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