Dastan Season 1 Episode 7 with Urdu and English Subtitles

Previous episode, Balammir comes some time later and told that the entire clan of Doug was killed in the castle. Saltuk says Batuga is prince and hence ought not be killed, however Dannis did not accept it. In order to pay attention to everybody, Alpago summon killer his room. Dannis takes Batoga to Khan’s room.

Akiz visits Kulpan and tell him that it is the ideal opportunity for retribution. In the interim, the goock shows shows up. Akiz left the clan and saw a Muslim at the stream. While Akiz was conversing with this kid, the warriors came and said that they were searching for the two headed wolf. Akiz then, put on his arm cover and invaded these fighters.

One of the enduring fighters gets back to the castle and illuminates Alpago that the two-headed wolf is assaulting. Edge said that Balamir’s little girl wedded Batoga. Edge tell Batoga flew off the handle years prior. Alpago says the marriage is just to secure the fate of the nation, so Balammir can never revolt. A few officers left the royal residence right on time with the detainees and gold to give. Akiz saw these officers and drew up an arrangement of invade.

Akiz says the detainees are currently free and placed gold in the chest for them. Sirma checks the seized hanky and expresses profound gratitude to that he can now get hitched., Alpago and his soldiers arrived at the assault site. Temoor sends troopers to find the two-headed wolf and lets his dad know that he should go to a protected spot.

At Kaya’s advocation, the warriors set up a tent by the lake to give Alpago a rest. Akiz watched the goock officers from a good ways and trusted that the right second will assault. Alpago says that everything he can perceive Batoga is how he treats that he is vital. Alpago requested that Batoga talk once more, and surprisingly asked him to, however he actually didn’t talk. Akiz says Alpago is far away and will get the fire going.

Edge began appealing to God and asking consent for this marriage. Akiz discreetly entered the lake and attempted to move toward Alpago’s tent. At the point when Edge got done with imploring, Akiz sent fire bolts at the tent and set it ablaze. when the fighters attempted to extinguish the discharge, Akiz shot Alpago with a bolt. Before Akiz got away from the camp, Batoga saw him somewhere out there and remembered him.

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