Yalniz kurt

Yalniz kurt Episode 9

Summary of Episode 8
Altai was thrown into a death pit from which the prisoner in whom he was imprisoned could not come out alive as punishment. When Mira sees Altai being thrown into a death pit, she becomes very worried. Nizam, on the other hand, is happy with the situation. Opportunity comes his way and his plans are set to save Nazar. A tough battle awaits Altai in prison! Struggling to make a deal with a Russian diplomat, Doan launches Plan B to hunt him down. The Vikings use the information received from the Orphan Wolf to track down the Russian diplomat and obtain information from Nizam to contact him. There are those who have seen and recorded this secret meeting of the Vikings and Nizam. After capturing the Russian diplomat in a successful operation, the Vikings leave Doan empty-handed, who wants the move to make a fortune. When Doan misses a prisoner he’s been keeping in a safe, he’s convinced he has a mole inside. Gündüz is waiting for titanium cables to continue the project. Meanwhile, Ulvi needs to get the Titanium Wire to make sure he finds the location of the Lightning Project. But it’s not as easy as he thinks. follower Can Altai escape the Death Pit? Which path will Nazar follow when Altai is in the pit? How will Altai’s operation to save Nazar continue? In what phase will the order be placed? How will the Saleh Viking react when he kills Levent? Who has the eye to watch over the Vikings and Nizam? Can you find the location of the Lightning Project?



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