Yalniz kurt

Yalniz kurt Episode 6

I really want to believe that you send it to Faruk Pasha. – I trust in this way, sir. We want to talk. – Does Doğan be aware of his appearance? – I’ll deal with it. What will we discuss? I’m coming from Viking’s side. Got new guidelines? He likewise needs to get data about Doğan’s business beyond here. If by some stroke of good luck you had. You are with me all day, every day. Doğan doesn’t carry me nearer to his work. Esra had mastered nothing point by point, by the same token. You are more clever than Esra. You can deal with it. Altai.

Try not to take your eyes off Dogan. All that you hear is vital. I don’t grasp your business. Office isn’t so much for me. At any rate, it’s not spying! I say keep your eyes and ears open. – Viking, Doğan’s- – What? How will she treat Doğan? He will complete his work. Is it true that you will shoot the pony we are riding? He has something to be aware. You were the person who said we want Doğan to arrive at the names above. In the event that Doğan leaves, we will have experienced this to no end.
Furthermore, Esra will have passed on for no good reason. The objective ought to be to draw nearer to number five. Whoever that man is, we really want to figure out how to get him here. Do you figure Nizam will take me with him? Or on the other hand you will cripple me and forge ahead with this way. – What are you discussing? – Why? Perhaps after Doğan, you’ll be in Nizam’s chest? What do you are familiar Sezai Sirmen Pasha ? I’ve been a non-dispatched official for a considerable length of time.



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