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Yalniz kurt Episode 11

Ugur Mumcu had seen the settler play in the Middle East. He was continually expounding on it. They were anxious about the possibility that that individuals would see reality. Could it be said that you are done, Ugur sibling? Assuming that you’re getting some information about my the upcoming post, I’ve completed it. Ahh. It’s the dim well of the Middle East. It gets further as you compose. Did you additionally record the Mossad associations you referenced? I’m not saying that the folks who composed a book called Israel’s mystery wars. He made sense of the grimy associations of Mossad individually.
So what do you say? Royal powers are teaming up with dissenter bunches in the Middle East. Either there is a major event or the Mossad and the CIA have held hands they are battling an enemy of royal conflict, we don’t have the foggiest idea. This is an explanation that will make certain individuals entirely awkward. Allow it to do. On the off chance that I won’t come clean that I be aware, for what reason am I composing? Sibling, that’s what I say assuming that we request a protector police from the police. Even close to you. What do you say? Furthermore, we should not keep the state police occupied. How could you answer this Israeli Ambassador’s greeting ? I acknowledged the proposal of food. How about we find out what will happen to it. We should see. Dear Ambassador. Welcome to Mr. Ugur Mumcu.
Much obliged to you. How are you? Much obliged to you. Here please. Much appreciated. You acknowledged my greeting. Much obliged to you for being my visitor. We are in Ankara, Mr. Grand Ambassador. You are the visitor. As a host columnist, it is my obligation to pay attention to your interests. It would be inappropriate to say that my concern is my concern our normal issue. I might want to have a little talk with you about the well established companionship between the Jewish people groups and Turkey .

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