Yalniz kurt

Yalniz kurt Episode 10

Yigit, you let him go immediately. However, mother, I will be the tracker. I said please, you’re leaving. How about you let me Is this a toy, child? Extremely perilous! I’m not playing. I know it. I know how to hold it. My dad showed me in the forest. This isn’t the backwoods,… … I’m not your dad, Yigit! Alright? I expressed it’s finished. For what reason would you say you are crying mother? I’m terrified, child. Consider the possibility that you hurt yourself. Father! Sir, my Yigit? Express something to my mother.
My mother won’t allow me to play with the rifle. Did you play with the rifle? Our child will be a tracker. He was pointing with a rifle. Assuming you play with the rifle before now is the right time. you become the prey, not the tracker. I was unable to contact it, I was grasping it. Hello, I mean, I was unable to tell. Truly? Yigit, look, child.
You won’t ever contact it from this point forward. You won’t hold. Never! You won’t bring it down there without my consent. Alright? Alright father. Look how you upset your mom as well! Please accept my apologies mother. My shrewd child. So you will be a tracker, huh? Indeed, it is, father. All things considered, you would have been a legislator, a craftsman, a researcher? Did you stop? No, there are additionally competitors. You failed to remember it



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